23rd November 2023

Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion Event

Trans Remembrance Day

This week, our LGBT+ and Friends Network hosted a Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion event to mark Trans Day of Remembrance, to create more allyship among our people and to help them learn about the realities of being trans, some basic definitions, inclusive language and top tips.
Plus, the team highlighted our Trans and Non-Binary Toolkit, which is a practical guide that supports trans and non-binary employees, as well as their managers and teams, along their journey.

“We wanted to mark this important day by educating folks and creating better allyship, so that hopefully we can work towards reducing the number of names read out every Trans Day of Remembrance.” 
Ella Slade
LGBT+ Diversity and Inclusion Lead.

“It really was a rollercoaster of emotions, from hearing of the daily challenges the community still faces and how society really is failing trans people, to seeing the outpouring of love, pride and support for our trans colleagues who were brave enough to share their experiences and journeys.”

Katy McCarthy
Head of HR Vodafone Business and HR Sponsor for LGBT+ and Friends Network

“Today was an extremely important day, a light was shone upon the reality of what many Trans people face daily. It was really reassuring to see people asking great questions and showing a real interest and willingness to educate themselves and understand, alongside showing their love and support for the Trans community. Our colleagues deserve to be comfortable in being their authentic selves in the workplace as much as anywhere else, with continued support and clear guidance we can do this.”

Kara Barratt
Billing Relationship Lead and Trans Lead for LGBT+ and Friends Network

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