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Vodacom Mozambique started operations in December 2003. Our main objective was and continues to be offering a high-quality, reliable mobile network.

Today, we reach more than 8 million customers and employ over 2,500 people. Our purpose is to support local growth and development through tech solutions.

We believe technology is only as powerful as the people using it to create a better tomorrow.

Our operations in Mozambique


Our products and services impact the lives of millions every day. They also helped us become who we are today – a leader in innovation in Mozambique.


On the Digital side of things, our teams are always innovating, inventing and continuously improving our products and services.

Vodacom Business

This is our Corporate Business Unit, responsible for the development of sales strategies. Here, we connect people, businesses and larger organisations, giving them the tools and support they need to succeed in a digital world.


Retail is a huge part of our business. It’s where we showcase our products and our technologies – and where we match our customers with the right services for them.

Customer Service & Operations

Our teams in this area focus on delivering an effortless service from start to finish, tailoring our innovative range of products and services to the individual needs of our customers.


Introducing the largest and best mobile financial service in Mozambique, allowing you to receive and deposit money, make transfers and withdrawals – all from your mobile phone.


An online sales platform of Vodacom, Bazara functions as a virtual market where we connect several stores, brands and companies to their consumers.

Areas we recruit into

Agile Squads

Our Agile Squads are focused on the delivery of solutions that best meet the needs of our customers. Right now, we’re looking for scrum masters, product owners and anyone who’s excited about new and innovative ways of working.

Software Engineering

We have big ambitions for the future when it comes to Software Engineering – and we’re looking for people who can match these ambitions with their own.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics team design and build new solutions driven by insightful data, helping us change the way we do business, not just in Mozambique but around the world.

Finance, Legal & HR

Whether it’s keeping us compliant with regulatory laws, providing crucial financial support or supporting our people in their ambitions for growth, our Finance, Legal & HR teams help us deliver exceptional support to our business every day.

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