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Vodafone isn’t just a mobile operator – we’re a communications technology company with a global presence. In the Czech Republic, our network covers over 99% of the population and has repeatedly been named the best in the country.

Our offices have been designed around the concept of flexible working. We value the contributions of each and every one of our employees, and that’s why we go above and beyond to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed.

Our operations in the Czech Republic

Customer Care & Retail

Our Customer Care and Retail teams work together to find the best solution for our consumer and business customers alike. Their role is to support our products and services through various channels.

Commercial Business Unit

This team manages commercial relationships with licensed operators, national and international voice and SMS interconnect partners, data interconnect partners and more, supporting business development, strategy and growth.

Legal, Risk & Corporate Security

Our teams in this area enable us to achieve our goals legitimately and safely. They make sure we have the appropriate measures in place to protect our customers and their data.

Strategy & Integration

Our Strategy & Integration teams help us lead, define and implement various organisational plans for areas such as Real Estate, Construction, Facility, Car fleet, Health & Safety and Wellbeing, Security and lots more.

People & Property

As well as driving the HR agenda, leading and defining our people and organisation plans, and providing exceptional personal development opportunities for our employees, this team also has responsibility for our Real Estate portfolio, Facilities Management and leading our Health & Safety and Well-being initiatives.


Our Finance unit is the centre of excellence at Vodafone Czech Republic. Here, we support such strategic programs as Convergence and Digitalisation. We also implement new standards of accounting and compliance.

Regulatory & External Affairs

Our main goal in Regulatory & External Affairs is to implement new legislation for the protection of customer data, and support the requirements of telecom regulators and authorities.

Vodafone Business Unit

In our Business Unit, we provide general commercial guidance to the business sales unit teams, including creating commercial analysis and deal management solutions, providing insights and solutions that streamline the end-to-end process.

Areas we recruit into

Finance, Strategy & Planning

Being a part of our Finance, Strategy and Planning teams means supporting on key projects that make an impact to our business. You’ll provide, among other things, accurate financial and management data to help us improve our performance.

IT & Technology

In IT & Technology, you’ll help us develop and run digital IT platforms. We’re continually building and enhancing our best-ever network, connecting millions of people and businesses across the country.

Marketing & Communications

If you’re an innovative thinker, and an even better communicator, then our Marketing & Communications function is the place to be. Here, you’ll be a champion for the Vodafone brand.

Human Resources

Our people are the lifeblood of our organisation. They’re a talented, driven group who work hard for what they believe in – and we believe in them.

Property & Legal

In our Property team, you’ll be responsible for making the environment in which we work the safest it can be. If you join us in Legal, you’ll take steps to ensure every one of our processes complies with the rule of law.

Sales & Care

The way we see it, a great customer experience is a tailored customer experience. Every day, we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, trying to understand what they need and how we can help.

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