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At Vodafone Ghana, we’re passionate about creating a better future. A more connected, inclusive and sustainable world as part of a global communications technology company.

When we combine technology and the human spirit, there’s nothing we can’t achieve together.

Our operations in Ghana

Mobility (Voice and Data)

A digital society should be enjoyed by all. That’s why we’re working hard to connect businesses, people and communities with a high-speed, technologically advanced mobile network.


In Ghana, Vodafone broadband helps our customers stay connected at all times with a fast, reliable service. In fact, we’re more connected as a nation than ever, incorporating internet-enabled devices into our everyday lives.

Vodafone Cash

Built on M-PESA, Africa's most successful mobile money service and the region’s largest fintech platform, Vodafone Cash provides millions of people with a safe, secure and affordable way to send and receive money. Our customers can also top-up airtime, pay bills, receive salaries, get short-term loans and more.

Vodafone Business

In the Vodafone Business unit, we work side-by-side with our customers to find the best solutions in the fastest timeframe. It’s all about reducing complexity and delivering a positive experience at every touch point.

Areas we recruit into

Commercial functions

Working in Commercial Functions means matching the products and services we offer to the needs of our customers. You’ll help us connect with people in new and innovative ways, attracting new customers while engaging existing ones.

Corporate functions

Our Corporate teams are the backbone of Vodafone Ghana, delivering solutions and support daily. Through our Human Resource unit, we assist in creating the best employee experience. Meanwhile, our Finance unit is responsible for our growth as an organisation.


Our Technology teams are responsible for all the IT infrastructure which supports our mobile network. Experts in this area carry out regular maintenance and site planning. They ensure all our services are running at their optimum capacity at all times.

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