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In 1998, Vodafone Egypt entered the Egyptian telecom market. Since then, we’ve grown over the years to become the number 1 mobile operator not only in revenue share but also with the largest customer base serving more than 44 million customers. We offer the most advanced technology, the best working environment for our 6,500+ employees, and the strongest corporate responsibility initiatives for the community through Vodafone Egypt Foundation.

We’re proudly expanding our services to lead on Digital Transformation and Financial Inclusion, as we currently have the #1 E-wallet in the Egyptian market, Vodafone Cash, with 88% of e-transactions.

Our operations in Egypt

Vodafone Business Unit

Every solution we offer is tailor-made to fit the needs of every customer we support, from SOHOs and SMEs to Governmental Entities. At Vodafone Egypt, we’re proud to have the most advanced, flexible, and innovative range of digital solutions in the market.

Consumer Business Unit

Our Consumer Business Unit, on the other hand, specialises in a wide portfolio of products and services for our customers, extending beyond connectivity to focus on home and family essentials like high-speed broadband and entertainment.


You might know us from our retail stores but as a technology company operating in the communications sector, there is much more to discover - and an incredible journey to be part of! We’re forecasting the role of technology in our lives and reshaping our products and services to ensure we’re at the leading edge of digital services that positively impact lives and society. And we need more brilliant people to help us to disrupt, design and deliver incredible technology solutions and products.

Areas we recruit into


From contactless payments to the Internet of Things (IoT), our Technology teams are responsible for delivering some of the most exciting products and services in the world. We’re focused on building the best network, providing an exceptional digital experience and giving back to our customers.


If you’re interested in shaping how people perceive the brand of Vodafone in the market, our Marketing team is the place for you. Together, we’re defining how people interact with technology – today, tomorrow and into the future.


When you work in our Sales teams, you work alongside people who are passionate and energetic. People who come to work every day to make a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of our customers.


In Retail, we look for natural problem solvers, people who are good communicators and even better listeners, connecting our customers with the best products and services for their needs.

Customer Care

If you’re passionate about technology, and have a knack for explaining things in just the right way, a career in Customer Care could be for you. Our teams are the experts when it comes to thinking like our customers.

Corporate functions

The Corporate functions teams sit in the heart of our business, providing world-class support, expertise and guidance. When you join us in the area, you’ll experience no shortage of projects that challenge you and experiences that fulfil you.

Early careers

Through our Youth programs, you’ll team up with the best minds in the industry and work on impactful projects from day one.

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