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You probably know us as a leading telecommunications company in Lesotho. Maybe a company that connects people through other services too, like 5G. You might also know about our innovative apps and other products. But there’s a lot more to us than that.

When you join Vodafone Lesotho, you join a dynamic global community coming together for the greater good. We connect over 334 million people for a better future.

Our operations in Lesotho

Vodacom Business

Whether it’s powering a small office, a home office or a large enterprise, Vodacom Business helps our enterprise customers work smarter.

VCL Financial Services

In VCL Financial Services, we focus on Payment and Collection Solutions, Agent and Merchant Distribution (Liquidity), and Savings and Credit Solutions. With 88% market share in the mobile money space, VCL has cemented itself as a formidable player in the financial services industry in Lesotho.

Consumer Business Unit

We have over 1.2 million customers connected to our world-class network on several devices. Our main services are voice, messaging and data, which are all available on either contract or prepaid plans.

Commercial Operations Business Unit

Our vision is to become a leading telecommunications company. To get there, we’re digitising the customer experience to significantly enhance the quality of the service we provide.


Our Technology teams are responsible for all the IT infrastructure which supports our mobile network. Experts in this area carry out regular maintenance and site planning. They ensure all our services are running at their optimum capacity at all times.

Corporate Functions

Our Corporate teams are the backbone of Vodafone Lesotho, delivering solutions and support daily. This area of our business provides support an input across a range of specialist teams including Strategy, External Affairs, Legal and Regulatory, Finance and Human Resources.

Areas we recruit into


With multiple awards under our belt, we’re already recognised as one of the best modern software engineering and DevOps companies in Lesotho. But we’re not done yet. We have big ambitions for the future, and we’re looking for people who can match those ambitions with their own.

Big Data & Analytics

Our Analytics teams provide crucial insight which enables us to serve our customers more effectively. As a Data Professional, you’ll use the latest technologies, and collaborate with a variety of different teams, to deliver key solutions.

Financial Services

Our Financial Services team focuses on the convergence of human interaction with technology to bring about financial inclusion for all.

Corporate Services

Whether it’s complying with regulatory laws, providing crucial financial support or empowering our people, Vodafone Lesotho’s Corporate Services teams challenge the business to move forward.

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