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One of Vodafone Italy’s biggest success stories is our high-performing fixed-line connection. Over the last two years, we’ve invested in the development of an ultra-broadband service to connect people, businesses and communities.

Today, our 4G connection supports more than 90% of the population.

Our operations in Italy


Great business decisions are only as great as the commercial teams making them, and we’ve got one of the best in the world. As a group, their focus is on transforming our business in little ways every day.

Corporate Functions

Our Corporate teams are the backbone of Vodafone Italy, delivering solutions and support daily. From creating the best employee experience in HR to helping us engage with the world around us in Communications, their function enables us to do great work.


Our Technology teams are responsible for all the IT infrastructure which supports our mobile network. Experts in this area carry out regular maintenance and site planning. They ensure all our services are running at their optimum capacity at all times.

Vodafone Business

Our Vodafone Business function helps organisations succeed in a digital world. With our expertise in connectivity, our leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform and our global scale, we help business customers achieve the results they need to progress and thrive.

Consumer Business

In Consumer Business, our team plans and coordinates commercial strategies that keep us in the spotlight as one of the world’s most recognisable brands, creating messaging that’s consistent and inspiring, helping us make meaningful connections with our customers.

Areas we recruit into


Our Finance teams are responsible for budgeting and forecasting, contributing to and enhancing our cashflow analysis to support this on a daily basis and enabling us to deliver new and innovate solutions with confidence.


In Marketing, we create new products and services that connect millions of people around the world, helping major companies and organisations succeed in an increasingly digital world.


When you work in our Sales teams, you work alongside people who are passionate and energetic. People who come to work every day to make a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of our customers.

Human Resources

In Human Resources, we have created the best People Strategy to guarantee high levels of performance across Vodafone Italy, enhancing our candidate experience and ensuring we live and breathe our Spirit through the implementation of new and innovative solutions to simplify HR processes.


As a communications technology company, our Digital team is critical to our success. Every day, they work hard to produce the kind of immersive online experiences that set us apart from our competitors.


Be the part of the team that develops and runs our digital IT platforms. Together, we’re continuously building and enhancing our far-reaching network, connecting millions of people and businesses around the country.

Big Data

Our Data Scientists leverage strong analytical skills and deep market knowledge, together with our ground-breaking technology, to help us identify and pursue new business opportunities.

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