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Vodafone Asia Pacific and the Middle East collaborates with the largest businesses in the region to help them succeed in a digital world. With a team of more than 300 employees across 11 offices, we work together to spark innovation and drive business outcomes by linking the technology of today with the ideas of tomorrow.

Our operations in Asia Pacific and the Middle East

Vodafone Business

In Vodafone Business, we support some of the largest multi-national organisations around the world. Over 60% of these large multinational companies work with us in Asia Pacific, and we now serve over 200 Asian and Middle Eastern companies.

Areas we recruit into

Sales, Technology Solutions & Commercial

Our dedicated experts in these areas keep businesses connected and competitive in the global marketplace. Best of all, our customers have a single point of contact for all services – devices, pricing, billing, ordering and support.

Technology & Delivery

We’re on a mission to lead the market with new and innovative products and services. These products don’t simply exist in a vacuum at Vodafone – they’re tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Customer Excellence

Our Customer Excellence teams work on driving growth through exemplary customer service. They focus on managing the in-life financial and service performance of our customer relationships.

Corporate functions

Our Corporate Functions teams are the backbone of Vodafone, delivering solutions and support on a daily basis. From creating the best employee experience internally to promoting the work we do externally, there are so many moving parts in this area.

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