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Vodafone Hungary has been operating in the Hungarian market since 1999. Our Head Office is located in the heart of Budapest. We also have a call centre in the town of Miskolc. Our award-winning work philosophy ensures our employees are supported every day, from providing innovative well-being initiatives through to great employee benefits and personal development opportunities.

And thanks to our Hybrid Way of Working and 100% remote working programmes, our workforce is widespread and diverse.

Our operations in Hungary

Head Office

Our Head office is the backbone of our organisation in Hungary, and provides support to the business through core functions such as Digital, Technology, HR, Finance and Commercial teams. From autumn 2022 we will be moving to a new green, digital headquarter that has almost zero emissions thanks to its solar panels installed to supply the building with renewable energy.

Call Centre

Our Call Centre teams are constantly trying to find better solutions for our existing customers, while building and establishing loyalty among our new customers. Within the framework of Home Agent Program, it is possible to work in a customer service role 100% from home.

Retail stores

Here, our experts present our products, technologies and solutions in the most engaging way possible.

Contact Centres

We’re looking for great communicators and even better listeners. If you’re brimming with passion and energy, if you’re a people person at heart, then this is the place to be.

Corporate Functions

Our Corporate Functions teams are the backbone of Vodafone, delivering solutions and support on a daily basis. From creating the best employee experience in HR to helping us engage with the world around us in Communications, the opportunities are plentiful.


As a communications technology company, our Digital team is critical to our success. They work hard to create the kind of immersive online experiences that set us apart from our competitors.


Retail is a huge part of our business. It’s where we showcase our products and our technologies – and where we match our customers with the right services for them.


When you work in our Sales teams, you work alongside people who are passionate and energetic. People who come to work every day to make a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of our customers.


Our Technology teams are responsible for all the IT infrastructure which supports our mobile network. Experts in this area carry out regular maintenance and site planning. They ensure all our services are running at their optimum capacity at all times.

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