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In Greece, we own one of the largest private fibre optic networks. As an organisation, we believe in the unlimited possibilities of digital technology and look forward to connecting 377 million people in the Gigabit Society by 2025. Our aim is to accelerate economic and social progress, which is why we’ve committed to reducing our environmental footprint by 50%.

We’re constantly investing in our mobile network, while having one of the largest private fibre optic networks in Greece. Our focus is to accelerate the infrastructure and scale up the implementation of fibre to the home networks (FTTH).

In addition, the Vodafone Foundation has been active since 2002, collaborating with more than 99 organisations and institutions in the country, supporting actions and programs to meet important and ongoing needs in the fields of health, education and the environment.

Our operations in Greece


Our Technology teams are responsible for all the IT systems and applications which support our mobile and fixed network. Our team ensures all our services are running at their optimum capacity at all times. We are committed to constantly developing our fibre-optic network, and are currently connecting over 450,000 households and businesses in various parts of the country.


We offer innovative solutions to customers, businesses as well as local governments to drive their competitiveness. We have built an ecosystem of Agile teams dedicated to developing seamless journeys on our digital assets, such as the “My Vodafone app”, currently used by 1.3m unique customers on a monthly basis. Our digital assets aim to provide timely support and enhance our customers’ experience.


We are dedicated to excelling our technology, offering a wide range of high-quality, end-to-end solutions and IoT products. We foster innovation in the health sector while contributing to the creation of smart, sustainable and citizen-friendly cities. Such solutions and services are created and delivered by Vodafone Innovus, our global centre of competence.

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Discover Graduate Program

Whatever your passion, talent or studies, we look forward to welcoming the next leaders of Vodafone to our Discover Graduate Program. We believe in investing in our youth by providing them with the expert training and tools they need to make a dynamic start to their careers.

Network & IT

When we combine technology and the human spirit, there’s nothing we can’t achieve together. We encourage our Network & Technology teams to think big and take risks in the pursuit of innovation as part of an agile working environment.


Our Digital teams are critical to our success, as they create online experiences that connect people through fixed and mobile networks. We are growing cross-functional teams of people with Digital Engineering, Marketing and Agile skills as well as the right Spirit.

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