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Better representation, bigger sense of belonging

We want Vodafone to be a place where you can not only be yourself but thrive in your career and be celebrated for it. That’s why we’re doing more to support our LGBT+ community and increase their representation within our workforce.

Newbury Pride

LGBT+ Friends Network

This network is open to everyone at Vodafone UK, whether they identify as LGBT+ or not. It works to connect and support all colleagues who seek advice on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans matters.

From Pride months packed with events, to educational webinars with special guests, they also work to ensure LGBT+ voices are heard across Vodafone UK while championing inclusion and celebrating diversity. We also have a Trans & Non-binary toolkit to support trans/non-binary employees coming out at work, in addition to monthly calls for the trans community and another call for parents of trans kids. 

The network has been recognised as a 'Highly Commended Network Group' by Stonewall. And many network members, including Marta Lima and James D’Rozario, have been celebrated for their amazing efforts. Plus, the network’s executive sponsor, Max Taylor, was named a Top 10 Business Ally at the 2022 British LGBT Awards.

Sponsorship and events

We host events, panels and other activities throughout the year to ensure our LGBT+ colleagues are visible and celebrate the outstanding contribution they make.

Our Pride celebrations are packed with events including our ListenLive Pride Special – where colleagues come together to hear from our network and find out what we’re doing as a business to achieve our LGBT+ commitments. Alongside this, we’ve also hosted webinars to discuss topics like bi-visibility, LGBTQ+ Etiquette and Common Bloopers, Trans & Non-binary Inclusivity Workshop as well as sponsoring external events including Newbury Pride, UK Black Pride, National Student Pride and Mighty Hoopla.

A group of people on stage at an internal event in Newbury for pride month

Doing more as a business

Allyship is essential to making Vodafone UK a place where everyone from the LGBT+ community can belong. That’s why we have online learning to help colleagues understand how they can be a more impactful ally.

We’re also working to ensure all our policies are inclusive. From our transitioning guidance to our non-gendered hormone changes and parental leave, we are doing more to make sure people can truly be themselves when they work with us.

Zoteria logo with rainbow background

Tackling hate crime with technology

We’re proud to have launched Zoteria, an app to help the LGBT+ community and the wider public tackle hate crime. The app helps people report hate crime incidents, either against themselves or on behalf of someone else, and access support.

Our colleague, Marta Lima, won an internal global competition to develop the Zoteria app in partnership with the Vodafone Foundation, Galop and Stonewall. It’s just one example of our commitment to creating Inclusion for All.