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The Vodafone Foundation

The Vodafone Group Foundation sits at the centre of 27 local social investment programmes, referred to as our local foundations. Together, they create the world’s largest corporate funding network.

Through it, we’re focusing on the challenges where we believe Vodafone’s technology can make a difference and aim to improve 480 million lives by 2025. There are four core pillars of activity.

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Connected Learning

Our Connected Learning pillar support projects around the globe, including Instant Schools, which gives children, teachers and parents in sub-Saharan Africa free access to a digital learning platform. While in this part of the world, Skills Upload Europe is empowering 16 million learners across the continent with digital skills.

Two people looking at a screen in a professional medical environment

Connected Health

We’re using technology to ensure better health for those who need it most. Whether that’s using mobile technology to connect women in rural parts of Africa to emergency transport or working with Girl Effect to help millions of adolescent girls make positive choices about their health, education and economic future.

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Connected Living

This pillar has been born from a pioneering programme developed between Vodafone Business Ventures and Mencap in the UK. Together, we’re using technology to improve the lives of people with a learning disability, their families and carers.

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With a range of new apps, we’re making bold strides in showing how technology can be used to benefit people's lives. For example, DreamLab uses the processing power of smartphones to analyse data while their owners sleep, which can speed up cancer and Coronavirus research. While our portfolio of Apps Against Abuse is enabling more people to live free from abuse.