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All your benefits in one place

You’ll find plenty of valuable benefits available here at Vodafone, including a cycle to work scheme, a generous pension, salary sacrifice scheme and online discounts. To make sure you don't miss out on anything, we've collected them all together in one place: the MyChoices online portal.


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MyChoices and HouseRed

Alongside our reward and recognition programme, HouseRed, you’ll find hundreds of discounts from high street retailers to discounted theme park tickets and holidays on our MyChoices platform. We use our influence to get our colleagues great deals wherever we can. You can access these discounts through the MyChoices online portal, or you can download the SmartSpending App and access them straight from your phone. The discounts are available via cashback, online discounts, instant discounts or reloadable cards.

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Share Schemes

ShareSave, is your chance to buy discounted shares in Vodafone. It works like this: you save from as little as £5 per month up to a maximum of £375 per month. At the end of the plan (three or five years) you can use your savings to buy discounted shares. If you need access to your savings before this, you can, but you’ll lose the option to buy shares.

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Pension and Protection Schemes

Our pension scheme is what’s known as ‘salary sacrifice’, so will come out of your salary each month. You can make a contribution from your salary up to 5%. Vodafone will double your contribution, so the maximum including our contribution is 10%.

You are also automatically covered for income protection (50% of salary). You can also access critical illness and partner critical illness as additional options through our flexible benefits package.

Health and Wellbeing Benefits

The physical and mental health of all our colleagues is a priority at Vodafone. So, we have a wealth of resources available; from mental health first aiders, to a dedicated employee assistance program which offers confidential 24/7 support for personal or work-related problems, free of charge for all colleagues and immediate family members.

You’ll also find other innovative initiatives – such as a mental health toolkit and a wellbeing network that connects our people to each other for personal support and advice.

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Family-friendly Support

From our progressive policies around paternity leave to our dedicated employee network, the support we provide for parents and carers is as wide-ranging as it is far-reaching. It reflects a company-wide commitment to our people – and their loved ones – when it really matters.

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Spirit of Vodafone Days

One day each quarter of the year, we are encouraged to reschedule our meetings, take time away from our usual routines and focus on our well-being, self-development and connection with others. This initiative enables us all to reflect, step away from emails and focus on personal growth.

Charity Leave Days

‘Giving Something Back' is our commitment to colleagues that enables them to spend time with causes and charities that are important to them. Each year, all Vodafone UK permanent colleagues have five charitable leave days to spend volunteering with a charity they are passionate about.