30th January 2024

Inside our People Networks – Meet Ellen

Ellen Blog
Ellen Blog
Ellen Eccles-Cross (She/Her)
Service Delivery Specialist & LGBT+ Friends Network Events/BI Lead

Our People Networks are ran by our people for our people, creating a safe place where anyone can discuss their challenges, ideas and thoughts without judgement or criticism.

We're spotlighting some of the brilliant people who commit their time to supporting these networks.. Meet Ellen Eccles-Cross 👋

How long have you worked at Vodafone? 6 years

Give us an insight into your career so far: I started at Vodafone as a Customer Care Agent before progressing to be a Team Leader in my 2nd year, where I thoroughly enjoyed running my own team and helping agents progress. In 2023, I joined the LGBT+ Steerco as the Events Lead and also was promoted in my day job to a Service Delivery Specialist. The past year has been amazing supporting the network in creating events to spread awareness and help our employees. I'm thoroughly looking forward to 2024 by continuing my role in the steerco.

What made you join the network? I'm passionate about supporting my community. 

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: I have a 1st degree in Performing Arts. If I didn't work for Vodafone I would probably be performing!

How many countries have you visited? 10 - My favourite was the Netherlands and I can't wait to go to Amsterdam Pride for World Pride. It's one of my bucket list items!

How do you switch off after work? I enjoy reading and doing Cross stitch. I find this helps me wind down and relax after I finish work.

Why do you feel that Vodafone is a great place to work? The focus on the employees is paramount to any other place I have worked. Our policies and procedures are aimed directly to the benefit and care of our employees and customers. I feel proud to work for a company where I can be out and proud to be LGBT+. I never feel ashamed to be me whilst working at Vodafone.

We're committed to creating a workplace where everyone can belong.