25th March 2024

Inside our People Networks – Meet Cora

Team at Vodafone Newbury UK Pride

Our People Networks are ran by our people for our people, creating a safe place where anyone can discuss their challenges, ideas and thoughts without judgement or criticism.

We're spotlighting some of the brilliant people who commit their time to supporting these networks.. Meet Cora Jones 👋

Cora Jones (she/her)
Digital Content Designer & LGBT+ Friends Network Events Lead

What's your role at Vodafone?

I'm a Digital Content Designer working within the Digital Broadband team, always looking at improving customer experiences and it'll be two years in August since I started!

What's your career been so far?

After graduation, I fell into the world of content marketing, after previously working part-time in graphic design. Fast forward four years and I joined Vodafone as a Digital Content Designer. It's been very interesting to work across a lot of different product launches and unique customer journeys. I joined the LGBT+ Friends Network committee as an Events Lead, and I've loved working with a team who is so passionate and committed.

What made you want to be part of the LGBT+ Friends Network?

I think employee groups are really important for feelings of belonging and inclusion, especially in larger organisations. In my previous workplace, I had been part of our Pride group which helped me to be more open about who I was at work and essentially come out in a way that felt safe. As one of the Events Lead, we're always trying to plan events that will interest and hopefully resonate with colleagues.

How many countries have you visited? (Which is your favorite?)

Somehow I've managed 19... so I was thinking of trying to do 30 before 30, but I have less than two years so that may be a bit too ambitious!

How do you switch off after work? Or how do you manage your wellbeing?

If I'm working from home, I like to go to gym classes or for a long walk through a local park. It's very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of London, so I try and find greenery whenever I can. If I'm in the office, I'm usually catching up with friends afterwards or relaxing by watching a movie at the cinema.

What are you most looking forward to over the next year?

Putting on move events for the LGBT+ Friends Network! We have events throughout the year and I'm particularly looking forward to planning Pride again, after our first attempt as a newly formed Events Team last year. We have lots of learnings on how we can make more of an impact for colleagues and the organisations we support.

Why do you feel that Vodafone is a Great Place to Work?

Vodafone does a lot to promote work life balance which continues to be important post-pandemic. From Spirit Days so we can take time back, to the now five days off for charity leave - there is a real emphasis on wellbeing. Also, we have great paternity and maternity policies for expecting parents. All of our employee networks work passionately on such great initiatives to create an inclusive environment - and often this time is alongside our daily workload.

We're committed to creating a workplace where everyone can belong.