23rd August 2023

Apprenticeship Programmes FAQs

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About the Apprenticeship Programmes

When will my Apprenticeship start? 

Your Apprenticeship will begin around mid to end of September 2024.

How many applications can I apply for? 

We can only evaluate one application per candidate, so please make sure that you're only applying to one Apprenticeship. If you change your preference please let us know so that we can consider your application accordingly. Please note that after you've been invited to an Assessment Centre we will no longer be able to transfer your application.

What % of my Apprenticeship time would I be spending on learning? 

Learning during most of our Apprenticeships is 80% on-the-job training and 20% dedicated studying with your learning provider.

Does Vodafone allow remote working?

Vodafone operates a blended approach to work. Our offices are used as a hub for collaboration, networking, co-creation and even concentration spaces. Across most roles, we expect our employees to be in the office for 2 days a week and work remotely for the remainder e.g. from the comfort of your own home or from another office location – whatever works best for you. Anything different will be noted in the role description.

How can I apply?

To be considered for an Apprenticeship Programme at Vodafone you will need to apply through our careers website. Visit: https://careers.vodafone.com/uk/routes-into-vodafone/apprenticeships/ for details and to apply for our current opportunities.

About Recruitment

How can I get an update on my application?
We aim to keep all candidates informed and updated throughout the application process, so please keep a close eye on your emails, including your spam folder. In case you would like to receive further updates please email us at: youth.recruitment@vodafone.com specifying the Apprenticeship you're applying to.

I require reasonable adjustments to complete the online assessment. How can I let you know about the requirements I have? 

You are able to ask for extra time before completing your online assessments and video interview. Please also let us know of any other reasonable adjustments you may need throughout the selection process by emailing us at: youth.recruitment@vodafone.com, and we will do our best to accommodate them. Please be prepared to provide any supporting documents that you may have.

What happens if I'm unable to attend the Assessment Centre I was invited to?

If you are invited to an Assessment Centre and you're unable to attend, please let us know at: youth.recruitment@vodafone.com as soon as possible, and we will do our best to reschedule your attendance depending on availability. Please note that this will not be possible in all cases.

Would it be possible to extend the deadline for the online assessments and video interview?

If you require more time to complete the online tests, please contact us at: youth.recruitment@vodafone.com to discuss your situation. Where possible we will make arrangements to extend the deadline.

Can I receive feedback from my application?

Due to the volume of applications, we won't be able to provide individual feedback after the online assessment and video interview stage. We do however provide feedback after the assessment centre as we realise how important this is to help you with your future career. 

I am an internal candidate. Can I apply?

If you are eligible for the Apprenticeship, please apply through the internal careers site. We recommend as with any internal position that you speak to your manager before applying.

I know somebody who already works for Vodafone- can they refer me?

Yes, they can use the ‘Refer a Friend’ tool internally. 

Top Tips

  • Make sure you have done your research into our company and the apprenticeship you are applying for, this will help you understand if we and the role are the right fit for you​.
  • Ask someone to do a mock interview with you so you are more relaxed at being asked questions and forming a response to any unknown questions​.
  • Be present where possible, if you have access to a device with a camera make sure you turn it on, we use a platform that allows you to have a background or blur the camera if that makes you more comfortable.​
  • Ask questions! We are here to support you throughout the process so please ask questions throughout, if we have asked you something you don’t understand please let us know and we can re - phrase it.​
  • Take a breathe and relax – remember we are humans too!

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