17th October 2023

Application Process Tips | Graduate & Apprentice Programmes

Camilla Anson-Esparza
Talent Specialist

Our Graduate and Apprentice applications are now live! We understand that this can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking time, so we have put together a few tips to help you get through the process of applying.

Before we jump into the tips we have for you, here's a reminder of the overall application process...

The first step is the initial application form which will ask you a few simple questions about yourself and you will also upload your CV. From there, you will be taken through a series of psychometric testing followed by an online video interview. If you pass that stage, you will be invited to the final stage, one of our assessment centres which will consist of a 1-2-1 interview, individual task and group task.

Top Tips

Know your information

Make sure you have done some reading and research about Vodafone, so you know what we do as a company, what our key pillars are (hint, it's under 'Life at Vodafone' tab on the careers site!) and what is important to us as a business. Equally, find information about us that aligns with your passions and interested so you can talk about these topics in detail.

Be honest

In all aspects of this process, make sure you are honest. Whether it's in your CV or your one-on-one interview, honesty is always key.

Take and use notes

Often applicants don’t realise that you can take and use notes in all the assessments. No one is going to stop you if you want to take one page of notes into any interview situation. Make the most of this tip in both the video interview and assessment centre.

Do a few mock interviews with family and friends

There is never any harm in practicing beforehand. We recommended doing a few mock interviews with your family and friends to you get use to the type of questions and methods of answering before the official formal interview.

Ask questions

Always ask questions. Here at Vodafone, no question is a silly question, and we will be happy to help where possible.

Have good a background and lighting

This one specifically refers to the video interview which is conducted online. Try and find the best lighting and a plain background. Often these minor details can make a big difference.

Be yourself

Last but not least, just be your best self.

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