8th March 2023

How We’re Proudly Amplifying Women’s Voices in Tech at Vodafone

Menahil Hassan
Level 6 Software Engineer Apprentice

I am so proud to be part of the Women In Tech Committee at Vodafone, led by the fantastic Rubi Kaur. We are deeply involved in eradicating stereotypes and amplifying womens’ voices in tech across the board. Our initiative is aimed at breaking boundaries and inspiring young girls to move into STEM, and also to celebrate the women already working at Vodafone.

A snapshot of my career

I suppose it is not surprising to hear that the most influential mentors I’ve had throughout my career were women! In my four years at Vodafone, I’ve had some amazing ones. Ayesha Sethi, one of my earlier managers here, inspired me to do my very best and have confidence as a woman working in a male-dominated department. Now, Rubi Kaur has inspired me to continue to advocate and uplift women in tech and onboard more female youth into STEM.

When younger, I always pictured a "man" when imagining the average person with a tech job. As I grew up and started to work, I realised why this was ingrained in me - men certainly dominate jobs in the finance and tech industries. But I like to challenge myself and I was determined to pursue what interested me. At the age of 17, I applied for my first tech role with Microsoft, and that was the beginning of my own career in the tech world.

Currently, I am a Level 6 Software Engineer Apprentice. I’m responsible for designing web applications for internal Vodafone teams. At the moment, I’m also challenging myself to learn backend development.

Breaking barriers

It’s still challenging for young females to break through in tech - there are so many men around. However, it’s been so great working with Vodafone and seeing the steps we are taking to hire more women. I have the honour of working with so many women on my own team and I love working in an organisation that is actively breaking boundaries in this way.

I firmly believe that tech companies should invest time and resources in encouraging female participation in STEM. Our Women in Tech Committee is just one example of how we’re doing it at Vodafone, and what’s more, we’re also very good at celebrating and appreciating the women who are already working here!

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