19th April 2024

Navigating a Career in Networks

Millions of people and businesses are connected through Vodafone’s network, and it's our brilliant teams who are the ones delivering gigafast speed and innovation to our customers around the world. 

In our recent event, we dived into the world of Networks and the inspiring people behind it.

We heard from Network Director Santiago Tenorio about the interesting origin of Open RAN where Vodafone and our partners were the pioneers to drive greater innovation through a diverse and open vendor ecosystem.

Then we had an inspirational panel discussion featuring a number of leaders across Networks who discussed how they navigated a career in technology, sharing not only the challenges they've faced but also the support they've received along the way to progress throughout the tech industry.

If you missed it, catch up here:

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Santiago Tenorio
Director of Network Architecture

Yago is Fellow and Director of Network Architecture at Vodafone. His team delivers the Strategy and Architecture of the Fixed and Mobile Network. One of the most important missions is to lead the company into the Network as a Platform transformation, drive Open RAN in the industry and shape the 5G evolution, including AI and Low Latency services.

With nearly 20 years of history, his team is recognised as one of the most innovative and influential ones in the Mobile Industry – endorsed by more than 150 patents and well known developments such as Single RAN, and more recently Open RAN. The team has driven Vodafone to be the first European operator to announce the first deployment of Open RAN at scale for 4G and 5G.

Aside to his role in Vodafone, Yago is also serving as Chairman of the Board at TIP (Telecom Infra Project) as well as Chairman of the Board at Lime Mycrosystems.

Antonella Faniuolo
Head of Network Planning, Demand, Delivery and Transformation

Antonella Faniuolo leads the Network Planning, Demand, Delivery and Transformation function for Europe at Vodafone. Her team is responsible for translating network strategy into actionable market plans. Her team’s accountabilities also include Networks demand and governance, managing the delivery of large fixed and mobile engineering projects, and engineering Shared Service Centres. Over the last 2 years she has led a large international team through the transformation to become one global Networks team.

Antonella joined Vodafone UK in 2019 as Head of Network Strategy and Digital Transformation. Prior to that she led several technology projects, including 5G and IoT, at Ofcom, the UK Communications regulator. She previously held various strategic, technical and commercial roles for major network infrastructure vendors, including Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia). She is the author of several patents in the field of wireless cellular technologies and has a Laurea degree in Telecommunications Engineering (2002) from the University of Bologna, a Master’s degree in Radiocommunications Engineering (2003) from Alma Graduate School in Bologna, and an MBA (2011) from Oxford Brookes University.

Fini Irles
Head of Network Engineering

Fini is Head Of Network Engineering at Vodafone and a professional coach for the last seven years. Her team, located in eleven different countries, delivers the evolution of the mobile data core network for the European countries with focus in design and delivery and strategic planning to bring new services in close collaboration with IT and the business units such as 5GSA, Mobile Private Networks, SecureNet and the core network evolution to cloud to support low latency services and best in class network performance.

She is an expert at building high-performance teams with a boost for can-do attitude, collaboration and teamwork.

Iain Wilkinson
Principal Enterprise Architect

Iain Wilkinson is responsible the Strategy & Architecture of Cloud, in Vodafone Networks. He leads the team that defines how Cloud is designed & deployed for business-critical Network Functions like 5G Core, as well as the Management capabilities needed to deliver the Automation of Cloudified Networks. Iain’s team are spread across Italy, Spain & UK.

He has been at Vodafone for 12 years, and held a variety of Technology roles, including Engineering & Delivery, and Strategy & Architecture. At one stage he worked in three different Networks Centres of Excellence in a less than a year, before anyone managed to stop him

Prior to this, he worked for telcos, vendors and systems integrators in the UK, Europe, and the Caribbean, before anyone managed to stop him

In 2022, he was delighted to become a Vodafone L6 Distinguished Engineer, and enjoys helping those on their Technical Career Path journey

Mabel Pous Fenollar
Head of Digital & ZTO

Mabel is Head Of Digital and Zero Touch Operations at Vodafone. Her team is responsible for driving Vodafone Networks transformation towards full autonomous networks using technologies such as AI/GenAI but also processes and people.

She has worked in different markets and central functions across IT and Networks. She is an expert in devising and delivering solutions and products using cutting-edge technology.

She is very passionate about technology, strategy and cultural transformation.

Laura Davis
Business Change Authority

Having started her career in PMO Laura has achieved great success throughout her years in both Project Delivery and Governance.

Previously within Vodafone Laura worked as Business Manager for the Head of Digital Engineering, which during this time Laura discovered her passion for Change Management and Culture Transformation, which she would now describe as her true career vocation.

After returning to Vodafone in 2018 Laura has immersed herself in achieving her credentials as a true Business Change and Culture Transformation professional.

As part of Laura’s passion for all things people related (Talent, Engagement, Communication & Culture), Laura became an ICF coach and works both internally and externally to hone her skills and is currently working towards her ICF Certification.

Laura currently delivers people focused Change Management across Vodafone Networks and is a core member of Vodafone Culture Centre of Excellence, which is accountable to deliver widescale culture transformation across all areas of Technology.

As part of this work Laura has been instrumental in the design and delivery of many high impactful culture interventions, specialising in Psychological Safety, Trust, and Empowerment.

Interested in a career in Networks?