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Together we can

The Spirit of Vodafone outlines the beliefs we stand for and the key behaviours that help us to make our strategy and purpose reality. Our Spirit is our catalyst for change, underpinning the successful and sustainable delivery of our transformation.

Doing it for a reason, doing it with Spirit

Every organisation has its beliefs and values. We call ours the Vodafone Spirit. Our ambition is to build a digital society where nobody is left behind. To get there, we need to be passionate, restless and, above all, curious. We need to go above and beyond for our customers at every touchpoint.
Woman in a wheelchair wearing a red shirt talking with two other women.

Earn customer loyalty

It starts and ends with the customer. We aspire to be a brand they love, by earning their trust and providing brilliant experiences. We work hard to simplify things for them and deliver what our customers want and need, every day.

Create the future

We think big, taking risks to break new ground. We ask ‘what if’ to build amazing products and services for our customers. We are courageous in creating a better future for all.
Man concentrating on flying a drone.
Person sitting on a wooden floor working on an open laptop, surrounded by headphones, notebook, ipad and iphone.

Experiment and learn fast

We are always learning. We try things, measure our success, keeping the best and learning from the rest. This is how we move rapidly to grow ourselves and our business.

Get it done together

We give and take ownership to make the most of our many talents. We trust each other to get things done. It’s up to each of us to make it happen.
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