Part of the bigger movement

We recognise that the environment often creates barriers for people with disabilities. We focus on the things people can do if given the right environment . Which is why we strive to ensure that we design all our buildings, systems and ways of working with accessibility front of mind. And that all our people can fully participate in life at Vodafone. As part of the valuable 500 movement, we are working on the following priorities to ensure our working environment is accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all:


  • Upskilling our people with the latest digital tools to ensure we are embedding accessibility into all our approaches.
  • Implementing a seamless process for workplace adjustments.
  • Scaling our approach to recruiting and retaining people with disabilities, recognising their talent and skills.
  • Increasing allyship and inclusive leadership.
  • Improving our demographic data capture and usage to ensure we identify barriers to full participation and address them.
  • Using our influence to increase disability inclusion in our chain through RFQ requirements and embedding minimum accessibility standards into our supply chain.
Woman sitting cross-legged on the floor with laptop and dog.

Mental health

Our mental health provision includes proactive and reactive services. This includes a mental health toolkit that promotes understanding and signposts employees to the support available within Vodafone. We continue to evolve our employee assistance programmes, grow the numbers of our mental health first aiders, and develop the psychological support we offer to meet the needs of our colleagues around the world.

Supporting the community

Our focus on empowering our colleagues with disabilities extends to our customers and communities. In different countries across the globe, we’ve launched a wealth of accessibility initiatives, including an SMS Emergency Services for people with communication barriers in South Africa and a digital platform to help people with disabilities access sport in Italy.

Young girl wearing glasses holding an archery bow standing in front of a target.
Man sits at a small round table alone opposite two green chairs, with an open laptop.

Disability awareness and visibility

In collaboration with our Vodability network, we celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities every December. It’s an opportunity for us to highlight the amazing work being done across the organisation; initiatives like accessibility solutions, sign language implementation and mental health schemes. But throughout the year, we also ensure all our events are fully accessible and that we showcase people with disabilities.