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The best of both worlds

If you love the flexibility of working from home but also thrive on connecting with colleagues in the office, then we’re on the same page!

We’ve embraced Hybrid Working globally because we believe it provides the best of both worlds – the opportunity to work from home when that allows you to be at your most productive, and the opportunity to physically meet with colleagues in our office spaces when you need to be creative, collaborate, or simply catch-up over a coffee.

Most of our markets don’t require people to be in on specific days; instead, we offer a guide of a 60:40 split, which means 2-3 days working from the office and 2-3 days working from wherever works best. This is an average as some weeks it might make more sense to spend more time in the office and other weeks might be better suited to working virtually.

Office In A Box

To help you make the most of both worlds, we provide our ‘Office In A Box’ proposition to make working from home as efficient and comfortable as possible, and we’ve redesigned some of our office spaces for their new purpose of connection, co-creation and collaboration to make them more open, have fewer personal meeting rooms and less restricted space.

We also have a ’20 days working from overseas’ policy that allows you to blend work and travel flexibly.


There are some roles at Vodafone that are location-dependent, such as field-based engineers or store-based retail specialists but for all other roles we offer a blend of virtual and office-based working where possible.

If you join us, we hope you’ll love this way of working as much as we do because it’s our mission to help everyone enjoy working here and help you to thrive!

Hear from our people

We believe hybrid working enables you to blend work and life commitments and be at your best. Watch this short video to see what it means for different individuals at Vodafone.