15th May 2024

From the digital gap to a future in tech: How Vodafone is supporting early careers

Digital skills are critical for people of all ages to study, work and communicate effectively. But across Europe, four in ten adults and a third of workers still lack basic digital skills, according to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). [1]
And in Africa, the World Economic Forum states that 230 million jobs will require digital skills by 2030. 
Without these digital skills in place, businesses will not be able to meet the growing digital demands facing every organisation, in every sector.

At Vodafone, we’re committed to bridging the digital divide and believe that everybody should have access to the knowledge, skills, and technologies that are driving our world forward. That’s why we’re on a mission to close the digital skills gap by upskilling as many people as possible, from the underprivileged and vulnerable to young people just starting out.

Our graduate and apprenticeship programmes,

plus our internship and mentoring initiatives allow for those who have already secured a position with us to grow their career whilst at Vodafone. We are also committed to developing a truly digital society, equipping people with digital skills who do not work for us; this way, everyone benefits.

Digital career starter

At Vodafone, we’re committed to developing a diverse and inclusive global workforce that reflects the customers and societies we serve. That includes equipping the next generation with the tools they need to reach their potential. Last year, we launched our new digital skills programme internally in partnership with our online learning provider Skillsoft.

Skillsoft delivers transformative learning experiences through a personalised platform that helps organisations and people grow together.

We’re excited to extend its reach to young people in the UK and across Africa, in Egypt, Lesotho, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa. Over the course of the year, 10, 000 young people will benefit from unlimited access to digital learning opportunities and accredited certification in sought-after tech fields such as coding, cybersecurity and generative AI; as well as skills such us leadership, problem solving and so on.

Challenging future talent

We’re not stopping there. Campus Lab is an early careers initiative aimed at students across Europe looking to build their futures in tech. This programme allows participating students to prove themselves with real-world problems and gain experience and insight that could turbo charge their future.

Participants get to build their own multidisciplinary and multinational teams and together take part in challenges, where they discover and implement the model for solving complex issues used at Vodafone and other top companies. In addition to applying what they’ve learnt at university, they get access to industry leaders and receive mentoring from top experts across Vodafone –before presenting their ideas to the Vodafone board.

Data from previous Campus Labs suggests that programme participants have improved their employability by 40% and increased their salaries by 117% above the national average.

Through the Vodafone Foundation, , we fund and run initiatives such as the Instant Schools Network which gives young refugees, host communities, and their teachers access to digital learning content and the internet. Across Europe, our SkillsUpload Jr programme provides resources for teachers and students - reaching more than six million so far. Hi Digital provides digital skills training for those over 65, and we’ve also been working with Lloyds Bank to provide the Digital Skills helpline.

Fulfil your potential

Whatever your level, and wherever you join us, you’ll discover opportunities that challenge you, inspire you and motivate you to grow.


[1] The Digital Economy and Society Index 2022, The Official European Union website, The European Commission, accessed 21 April 2023 Digital skills and jobs | Shaping Europe's digital future (europa.eu)