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Innovators, collaborators, and game-changers

We launched the Vodafone Engineering community to encourage the re-use of code and promote sharing best practice on GitHub and Stack Overflow.

Our philosophy is ‘build once, deploy many times’ and we’ve created platforms, such as our Source Web Components Library, that encourage global knowledge-sharing and enable our engineers to reuse and develop on top of existing code. This accelerates the speed of projects by saving time and creating efficiencies. And it means any developer could write a line of code that gets used by millions of customers around the world!

Our engineers work across a range of technologies including JAVA, C# and Python and are involved in the evolution of DevOps, CI/CD toolchains, new software lifecycles and agile methodologies.

Our Vodafone engineering community is growing fast, and we’re committed to growing the community to 16,000 engineers by 2025.

Join us and make your impact.

With our strong 5G and IoT foundation, you’re ideally positioned to create innovative solutions for society and for customers. We’re shifted our focus to building rather than buying, so you can work on large-scale programmes with cross-functional teams to develop technologies that positively impact people’s daily lives.

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Discover who inspires our female engineers

We asked our talented female engineers who inspires them and what advice they would give to young women considering engineering. They talk about the importance of passion, curiosity and agility among the attributes that matter in this exciting field.