19th February 2024

On the right track – a clear path for a career in technology

Elios Buzi
FE Chapter Lead, Vodafone Italy

As an engineer with a full-stack developer background, I have always tried to challenge myself in different environments, in different industries, and on different projects. As a result, my experience has been varied, from working in small software houses to large companies like Vodafone. I have worked in dev ops and project management, as well as software engineering. I am passionate about technology and about helping others reach their potential and develop their skills.

My current role is FE Chapter Lead with Vodafone Italy, specialising in web applications. I’m also at Level 4 on the Vodafone Technical Career Path, an initiative that rewards and recognises technical experts for their contributions and their commitment to their careers. It’s both a route up the ladder, and a gateway to a technical expert community.

Community makes things better

I applied for the Technical Career Path in Vodafone with that community in mind. It provides Vodafone with a network of experts that can support it to make better decisions based on data and experience. Thanks to design workshops or coding events, the community can help design and develop better products and services, and deliver better and easier customer experiences. It can pioneer major leaps, such as integrating AI into day-to-day activities.

Importantly, the Technical Career Path creates a clear route for technologists and engineers, with clarity on level, assessed on experience, achievement, contribution, and more. With each level attained, you will enrich your experience and expand your knowledge - even into other fields.

Once I was accepted into the scheme, I worked closely with existing Vodafone experts who helped me better identify my strengths and points of improvement, and helped me complete the process up to the final stage. I was able to present some of the most important projects I’ve been involved with and contributions I have made at Vodafone Italy and in Vodafone Group. After successfully fulfilling all requirements, I was recognised as a TCP Level 4 Expert in Vodafone.

Officially an expert

For me, personally, the TCP level is a mandate to contribute, with insight and expertise. I can have an impact on a wide range of projects and proposals, such as the development and maintenance of new platforms, the design of new architectures, and the scaling of existing solutions. It means being able to support new developers through the community guidelines - to help with practical suggestions and mentoring.

The Technical Career Path programme is a reflection of the culture at Vodafone, which already provides many training and development opportunities. It’s another way to grow its employees both professionally and personally, and emphasises the idea that career advancement comes with commitment and hard work, and that we can do better things together, and by supporting each other.

Future thinking

I will continue to invest time into deepening my knowledge, improving my existing skills, and learning new skills - to grow and develop myself and to increase the value and impact of my contributions. I’m looking forward to continuing my contributions to the expert community and to sharing new experiences.

Vodafone is a company that is constantly looking for new ways to innovate, create better services and deliver better experiences. The Technical Career Path initiative will have a significant role in that, and I am enjoying playing my part and watching Vodafone continue to grow and lead the industry.