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Enabling through leadership

Leadership is about empowering, motivating and inspiring others. As we grow and accelerate our transition to a Tech Comms organisation, our leaders need to create an environment where everyone thrives and feels like they belong. They build a vision for the future and shape the culture for how we achieve it.

Hear from some of our leaders about why leadership is crucial to achieving our strategy.

Innovating and inspiring

From building one of the largest internet backbone networks in the world through to making the world’s first 5G holographic call in 2020, our journey is getting more exciting.

Our global scale enables us to collaborate with some of the best technology companies in the world and we’ve recently launched a ground-breaking partnership with Google. We’re also working on the world’s first space mobile network.

As one of our leaders, you’ll embrace innovation and inspire your teams to think big. You’ll empower them to develop new platforms, products and services that make an impact on people, businesses and society.

Our leadership standards

The Spirit of Vodafone defines the four behaviours and values to the right that shape our culture. These are essential to enable growth, accelerate our transformation and create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and belong.

Our leaders embody and encourage these behaviours and embed them into their teams and the wider Vodafone community.

Bringing our standards to life

Hear from some of our leaders which leadership standards resonate with them and why.

Equipping you for success

The world has changed a lot in the last 12 months and we’re continually evolving too. We recognise that leaders of all levels are critical in setting the tone and pace of our transformation.

We have tailored leadership development programmes which have been designed to support your growth as a leader. These range from our new people leaders programme aimed at those who are first-time leaders, to our experienced leaders programme for those who are most likely leading other managers and senior professionals.

We also have an enterprise leaders programme which equips you with the skills to evolve from a functional mindset to an enterprise one which balances innovation with increased complexity and risk.

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