9th July 2024

Ahmed’s inspired Career Shift into Learning and Development

Ahmed Adel-AbdelMomen
Learning & Development Senior Lead

I have certainly had both a challenging and exhilarating professional journey, beginning in the high energy world of sales. In my first significant role, in a large telecommunications company, I developed a keen sense of how technology could transform businesses, and I loved being part of that transformative process. I also learned quickly all about the strategic side of sales, and discovered my passion for connecting with people and understanding their needs.  

What really drew me to Vodafone in [insert year], was primarily its reputation as a leader in innovation and its commitment to connecting people globally. I have always admired its forward-thinking approach to telecommunications, and ability to adapt and thrive in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. This resonated deeply with my aspirations to be at the cutting-edge of technology and business solutions, and its culture of inclusion and focus on people development further convinced me it was the right place for me. 

An enriching experience with Vodafone 

My tenure here has been particularly transformative for my career. I was headhunted for my most recent position as an Learning & Development (L&D) Lead within the Digital Sales and Marketing function, largely due to my work on various high-profile projects, such as the Universal Health Insurance (UHI) project in Egypt and the launch of Vodafone Oman.  

Additionally, my experience in several operational and sales functions, reputation for driving business value through tailored learning solutions, and my strategic approach to L&D in digital contexts, made me a prime candidate. 

The role is exciting, and an excellent fit. It combines my passion for digital innovation with my deep experience in learning and development. I've taken on the challenge of merging the L&D needs of both Digital sales and Marketing teams, creating synergies between these functions to enhance overall business performance.  I am encouraged to experiment and implement new ideas, fostering a creative and innovative approach to my work - the opportunity to continually learn and apply new knowledge is incredibly empowering and has kept me engaged and motivated. 

Developing the Digital Sales Academy  

Throughout my career, I have observed first-hand how targeted training programs can dramatically improve team performance and individual competencies, and enhance and reshape organisational cultures. I have also always been enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and guiding others, finding great satisfaction in seeing people grow and succeed through mentorship and instruction. As L&D is at the heart of managing the changes driven by technology, being at the forefront of such transformations by guiding and facilitating growth and adaptation has become increasingly appealing to me. 

I am very proud to have now been instrumental in numerous exciting projects at Vodafone that have led to talent improvement, better leadership capabilities, and more effective recruitment, onboarding and training processes.  

One I am particularly proud of is our Digital Sales Academy (DSA). I was inspired to create the Academy after receiving a request to establish a centralised learning hub that would service the ongoing educational needs of our sales teams. The idea then evolved more and more as we recognised a broader opportunity to not just centralise learning resources, but to expand them into a comprehensive academy.  

Today, the DSA drives digital transformation across the sales functions, and systematically and preemptively upskills our digital sales force to make them more agile and effective. Our digital sales and overall business performance is more successful as a result, a great example of integrating L&D strategies with business objectives to enhance both employee and organisational growth. 

Now for the future 

I am incredibly excited about my future at VOIS. We are planning to expand the Digital Sales Academy to include the Customer Value Management (CVM) and Marketing teams, which is a thrilling development. It not only increases the scope and reach of our educational initiatives, but also significantly enhances our strategic impact across various business functions.  

Integrating CVM and marketing into the Digital Sales Academy is crucial for both immediate results and long-term business sustainability. By aligning these teams under a common training and development framework, we can ensure that our strategies are cohesive and that all team members are equipped with the latest tools and insights to excel in their roles.   

It aligns perfectly with our commitment at Vodafone to a culture of continuous learning and adaptation. Here, we experiment constantly and we learn fast, and that is what is at the core of our proficiency at staying competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape!  

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