4th May 2023

Why I’m Loving My New Product Marketing Role At Vodafone

Cristina Hernandez
Specialist Product Marketing Managing Lead MSH

Vodafone is a huge international team, which has been a great learning experience for me so far. I’m part of the Malaga Hub but I get to work with other countries all the time, learning about their cultures, markets and expertise.

Thanks to all the technology we have, remote working and collaboration is incredibly easy - combined with all the other great aspects of the company (flexible working, health & wellness initiatives, a big focus on Diversity & Inclusion in every sense), life at Vodafone is good!

A great experience so far 

The onboarding when I joined was super smooth and stress free. HR here is outstanding. They make sure you have everything you need and run a fantastic induction process. I also have a great manager who has been there to answer questions, guide and support me non-stop.

Additionally, I’m given opportunities to attend various workshops and training sessions, and I have access to ‘Grow’ - Vodafone’s Learning & Development platform. It’s an excellent tool for keeping up to date on the latest trends, as well as our key products and services. I’ve also been provided with material from Vodafone Academy to help me understand the company from a business perspective (the culture, Vodafone’s many services etc.) I find this really beneficial as it gives me a much broader sense of our business and our common goals.

One of the biggest, and most surprising benefits, however, has been the chance to work cross-functionally with other countries. I didn't expect to be working with people from all our different hubs and it has been so interesting. You get an insight into the different approaches to product marketing across the globe, as well as the different cultural considerations that come into play when working in a global business.

My role in Device Lifecycle Services

I work on Device Lifecycle Services, specifically on the trade-in program which consists of selling unwanted phones to Vodafone for a guaranteed price. It is a truly exciting and rewarding area to work in because it is the one proposition that pays money out to our customers. Plus, it helps the environment by recycling unwanted phones! My role is to make sure that the journey is as easy and effortless as possible and that the message is as clear as it can be.

I am trusted to work independently and autonomously in my role. I am given room to innovate. I am given the chance to work with different business functions and departments and learn about all aspects of marketing, and overall, I really feel like I am constantly learning something new. It’s a very motivating environment to be in for someone who has just begun to establish my career - I am really enjoying everything about it so far.