28th June 2022

Enjoy a Thriving Career in Data & Analytics with Vodafone

Vodafone really helps young professionals grow. There’s always a new technology to dip your toe in, or a chance to explore opportunities in one of our numerous locations worldwide. Your career is all yours to shape with us here, but we love to help you make it a success.

Data & Analytics is a vital function at Vodafone, where we harness insights to support crucial decision-making and create value for our customers. Our D&A team tell us it’s a great field for people who are curious, and love to seek answers to the things they don’t understand. Below, you can read more from Hassam, Cristina and Fatjon on what it’s like working in D&A, what they’re enjoying most about their own experiences so far, and why Vodafone has been such a great place to build their careers.

Hassam Ali
Process & Operations Lead

I started my Vodafone journey as a Finance Discover Programme | Vodafone.co.uk back in 2018. Since then, I have worked on various global transformation projects, playing key roles in communication and engagement strategies and programme management activities.

In March 2020, I was given the opportunity to relocate to Budapest (VOIS Hungary) to join the D&A Data Governance team as a Management Information Specialist and within a year, I became a Senior Digital Data Management Specialist. I had the opportunity to work in several areas such as technical and functional changes, handling data requests to support data product delivery, end-to-end change request delivery and continuous process improvements. 

In November 2021, I moved back to London to join a new team, Group Transformation and Operations within Data & Analytics, in the role of Process & Operations Lead. I’m working closely with different stakeholders to drive business transformation and operational excellence. I’m currently working on a really exciting project called Nucleus, in which we are utilising the advanced capabilities of Cloud computing. This is a global transformation project that will not only uplift and benefit Vodafone, but the global community too. We’re working towards creating a global gigabit society and a better future.

My favourite part about working in an international company like Vodafone is the huge number of opportunities here. Whether it’s the rich learning culture and extensive learning resources, or the support for development from managers and leadership who involve you in projects, proof of concepts and so on, my skills and knowledge just keep growing.

I also love that every day is different – there is always something new and exciting happening, especially in Data & Analytics!

Cristina Ayuso
Specialist Digital Business Analyst

There is so much to learn in Data & Analytics and working at Vodafone has enabled me to keep building my knowledge continuously. We have the excellent Vodafone University as well as Google training, and I’ve also had the chance to work in a very international environment over the past eight years, which is great experience for anyone.

I began as a Specialist Radio Engineer, collaborating with radio vendors in most of our markets and driving our 4G speed innovation. I was developing 1st word demos, led a project which won a Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) Award in 2015, and presented initiatives at the Mobile World Congress. Eventually I became more interested in the project management side of my role, and decided to move in that direction. I found a new position as a Programme Management Office (PMO) in the Chief Technology Officer Governance office in Vodafone Spain and I’ve been working as a PMO on strategic tech projects ever since.

Right now, I’m working on the Nucleus programme which is bringing data and the cloud together to revolutionise our ways of working. It’s really interesting and points to one of Vodafone’s biggest strengths as an employer — constant innovation. I’ve always been really into the innovative side of Vodafone and all the cutting-edge technology and projects we’re involved in. For me it’s important to work in a future-oriented company that leads the way for new solutions and improvements.

Another of Vodafone’s strengths is the wide range of roles available and the ability to rotate through different areas of the business that interest you – my career has evolved so much during my time here. If you want to try out Networks, or Business, or Finance, you will be supported and given opportunities to do so. 

Fatjon Sakiqi
Senior Manager – Data Solutions

Vodafone was love at first sight for me. I started as a graduate at Vodafone Albania in 2013, as one of the winners of the Discovery Programme for that year. Since then, I have made many connections that transformed into friendships, many mistakes that transformed into lessons learned, and many successes that transformed into a career.

My progress is a clear example of how the opportunities, support and culture at Vodafone develop young careers. Firstly, the company culture is so welcoming and accepting regardless of your age, gender, nationality or religion. Our spirit of ‘getting it done together’ is always clear — you will always be supported by your colleagues. Secondly, as it’s such a large and international organisation, you can always find opportunities that will fit in with your goals. And last but not least, at Vodafone you always get the chance to use the latest technologies and methodologies because innovation is at the core of this company.

I’ve had multiple roles in D&A, across different domains. On project after project, I built up my experience until I was promoted to a people manager role, leading the Corporate & Analytics team for Vodafone Albania. My ambition was to one day be part of an even larger-scale project, working across many countries, which ultimately led me to move to my current position in Vodafone Group.

I’m working on the Nucleus programme at the moment. Everything I’ve worked on at Vodafone has been important, but this is the most exciting one so far. Through Nucleus we are creating a centralised BI solution for all our markets, ensuring a single source of truth for our data and using the latest technology stack offered by Google to do it. I wanted to be part of it from the moment I heard about it, due to the scale and impact of its implementation for both Group and each individual market. I am loving it!