28th April 2023

Data & Analytics Career Journey

In an organisation as big as ours, there is such a tremendous range of opportunities to develop and try new things. It’s one of the reasons people stay with us for so many years, and embrace the opportunity to challenge themselves and explore diverse careers.

A few members of our Data & Analytics team discussed their work experience with Vodafone and what they’re doing to make a rewarding impact on the company. Here’s what they had to say.

Caroline Wright
Senior Manager Strategy Governance & Change

After spending my first 18 years at Vodafone in various financial roles (I qualified as a chartered accountant), I ended up in Group Data & Analytics about four years ago. I was asked to work on a huge transformation programme called Nucleus, where we are building a new data platform and migrating data from local systems to the Google cloud. Now a part of the leadership team in this department, I look back with satisfaction at having played a part in the early days of this programme.

Over the years, I’ve visited around 15 of our markets. As someone with a modern languages degree, I’ve really enjoyed these opportunities to meet many different people and see such rich cultures. And with two children, I’ve always appreciated the flexibility shown to me here at Vodafone. I feel I have managed to juggle career and family well.

Currently, I’m involved in a project to support our people with career development by defining what it means to be a “#datarockstar” and how to get there from a skills point of view. Vodafone is deeply supportive in this regard. We’re always encouraged to learn new things, or move between departments if we’re interested in exploring something different or getting out of our comfort zone. I’m loving being a part of #datarockstar, which has been a great collaboration with our HR colleagues. This is definitely an example of one of our Vodafone Spirit values of ‘Getting it Done Together’.

Satish Kapsikar
Senior Manager Local Market Solutions

Vodafone has always been very open about supporting me with whatever has taken my interest. I’ve had 14 exciting years here so far. Despite no prior experience, my fascination for technology led me to pick up a role in Network Planning, which turned out to be very successful. I built an innovative and cost-effective network solution which won Vodafone some territory advantage.

Later, I switched domains to sales and marketing and became a consumer product manager. I strengthened my customer understanding and ran a successful market activation program, leading an innovative consumer data acquisition product. 

My current passion is data and analytics. I’ve held various lead roles in this area now, from BI, Analytics Lead to Data Product Manager. At present, I’m leading digital transformation and building data products with actionable insights and embedded machine learning. 

I’ve really enjoyed every opportunity to learn here at Vodafone, and to implement ideas and see them come to life. The overall nature of the team is very collaborative, supportive and cross- functional. I feel that we have the most diverse team at Vodafone and it’s really interesting to get the insights of all these very talented people.     

Oana Ivancan
Senior Manager Finance Portfolio

In 2009, I moved to the UK from Vodafone Romania, to work as a Reporting Analyst for the EMEA Region. Then, in 2012, I was approached to join the newly established Management Information function. A few years later, I was promoted into a management position, acting as a Business Partner for ExCo stakeholders.

Presently, I run a portfolio of dashboards delivering standard digital online reporting, better visualisation and up to date information to help Vodafone Group make key business decisions.  The best part about working with data is seeing the impact it can have in an organisation. Data can be powerfully objective when properly and thoroughly analysed, and seeing how this leads to meaningful change is extremely rewarding for me.

There are many online resources we can access at Vodafone, from soft skills to technical skills. Currently, I am working through the Leading SAFe certification, learning the importance of mastering Business Agility in order to thrive in this digital age. I’m using the insights gained to lead a Lean-Agile enterprise.

However, it’s the people at Vodafone who are the best part. I have had amazing mentors here over the years, people who taught me how to better manage my time and how to make the best decisions in challenging circumstances. We create and innovate at a fast pace in this organisation and it is especially enjoyable to do this alongside such a fantastic group of colleagues.