Established in 2006, Vodafone Shared Services (VSS) serves as a global organization which currently covers centers across Hungary, Egypt, India and Romania with over 20,000 dedicated employees & professionals.

Today, VSS takes pride in owning a wide portfolio of services where we bring together passionate, innovative, and capable people who deliver exceptional results for all Vodafone Local Markets and Group Functions in the domains of Customer Operations, Enterprise, Sales and Marketing, HR, Digital Services, Technology Operations, Business Intelligence, Finance, Supply Chain, Legal, Fraud, Credit & Collection, and Information Security.

We are continuously investing in our teams to build and develop the right capability and capacity and enhance our people’s professional and personal experiences, which will contribute in making VSS capable of creating a competitive advantage for Vodafone.

The vibrant and diverse mix of skills and people, who work here, is what makes VSS a very dynamic and exciting place to work where people can connect with exciting opportunities, develop, grow and collaboratively work with teams from all around the globe.

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VSS Europe

In 2007, Vodafone Shared Services center started operating in Hungary as part of Vodafone Group.

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VSS Egypt

In 2004, Vodafone Shared Services Egypt (VSSE), also known in the market as Vodafone International Services (VIS), has started as a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Egypt.

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VSS India

In 2007, Vodafone Shared Services started operating in India with global delivery centers in Pune, Bangalore and Ahmedabad with more than 11,000 employees.

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