REACH HomeOur Offer Inclusion REACH Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage Whether it’s at work or in the community, we’re doing our part to end racial inequality wherever it exists. The more we can do together, the more of an impact we can make. Networks Our Multi-cultural Network and Black Professionals networks champion inclusion and celebrate […]

Inside the Team Driving Vodafone’s Game-Changing NetPerform Solution

At Vodafone, we want great user experiences across the board, wherever and whenever our customers access their mobile digital services. Our innovative device and network analytics solution, NetPerform, helps us achieve this by gathering mass customer experience insights from around the world and feeding them into a central data platform, which we then use to […]

The Future Of Innovation through Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

I’ve been working in the telco industry ever since I got my degree from the University of Oxford 15 years ago. My longstanding interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and advanced analytics has led me to my current role as Vodafone’s Lead Research and Innovation Architect. My job is diverse and collaborative, which […]


If we can connect, we can create a better future. Join us. Together we can Explore our opportunities If we can connect, we can create a better future. Join us. Together we can. Explore our opportunities Keyword: Search Better for you, us and the wider world At Vodafone, we’re restless and passionate about creating a […]


Inclusion HomeOur Offer Inclusion Different perspectives lead to new possibilities Our difference makes us stronger. The best innovations happen when diverse people with different perspectives collaborate. That’s why we’re building an environment where everyone can thrive. Where we track our progress through regular check-ins rather than annual surveys. And where everyone plays a part in […]

Talent Community

Join our Talent Community! HomeApplyJoin Our Talent Community! Join Our Talent Community! Join our talent community and keep up to speed on the game-changing work our people are doing at Vodafone. Becoming a part of our community gives you exclusive access to our quarterly newsletter. From this, you can expect the latest Vodafone news and […]


R&D Home Our Teams Technology R&D Partnering to add value The R&D team in Vodafone develops disruptive value opportunities for Vodafone. We identify future enablers and technology platforms with high value potential and the scope to scale, and we advance those with the greatest potential. By working with key innovation leaders, we build demonstrations and […]

The power of collective energy

DreamLab Home Life at Vodafone Projects & stories DreamLab The power of collective energy Our award-winning DreamLab app has been helping to power vital COVID-19 research. All you have to do is activate the app as you charge your phone overnight, and we turn the power from your phone into enough energy to run a […]

The Spirit of Vodafone

The Spirit of Vodafone Home Life at Vodafone The Spirit of Vodafone Together we can The Spirit of Vodafone outlines the beliefs we stand for and the key behaviours that help us to make our strategy and purpose reality. Our Spirit is our catalyst for change, underpinning the successful and sustainable delivery of our transformation. […]

Vodafone Engineering

Vodafone Engineering Home Life at Vodafone Vodafone Engineering Teamwork gets you there faster Our Engineers are the people pushing our technologies forward. They’re the experts behind every innovative discovery, every timely solution. And that’s why we work tirelessly to ensure they have all the tools and resources they need to succeed. What you can do […]