9th July 2022

Why I Call Vodafone a ‘Land of Opportunities’

Monica De Celis
Manager, VNO Process House Team

I’m always really proud to be part of Vodafone – we provide such a great (and important) service to our customers. That said, the pandemic really highlighted how vital Telco’s are to the world today and our job has never felt more essential.

I’ve had many roles with Vodafone, starting with the Commercial area in 2005. After a year I moved to the technical side where I went on to do various things in Network Operations: Field engineer, IP Operations, Change Manager and Team Leader for International Networks and Services, and currently, Manager for VNO Process House (VNO stands for Vodafone Network Operations).

Our mission in the VNO Process House is to lead cross market process simplification and harmonisation. We’re driving simplicity, digitalisation and efficiency for VNO in order to run the full Vodafone European Network as a single unit.

Every project is the ‘best one yet’

I like to be passionate about everything I do. Every time I start working on a project I think, “This is the most important one yet!”

There’s no shortage of opportunities to get involved with something you are particularly interested in because there’s a constant flow of interesting projects at Vodafone. I like to design and build things and be involved in transformation projects, and we’re always working on innovations and improving our Network.

Perhaps my most challenging project so far is the one I’m working on now with my team, VNO Process House. We are key to our company transformation – our vision is to create clarity and alignment on the VNO strategic direction for Tech2025, maximise the use of resources and increase productivity to make VNO efficient, digital and compliant.

It’s important for us to work well with people from right across the organisation, because we are trying to harmonise processes across all markets and bring us together as one European team.  At the moment we operate many of the European parts separately but by integrating us all together as ‘one’ we will be more efficient and streamlined and provide an even better service for customers.

The land of opportunities

My own experience is a good example of the opportunities at Vodafone. I have moved between different roles in different areas (from Commercial to Network) and I have always been supported to be my best. 

Vodafone has different programs to support employee development. We focus on finding talent then supporting that talent to grow. I have been part of “Explora”, a talent program that taught me a set of skills that enabled me to be promoted to more senior positions. I have learnt a lot about how to manage people, which is a crucial skill even in a technical field like Network Engineering. Sometimes we think of our job as just technical, but to be able to manage a team and lead people is a key skill and something you don’t learn at university. It’s thanks to Vodafone that I have gained the knowledge, mindset and skills that I need to successfully lead a team.