21st November 2022

Together against domestic violence: Vodafone Foundation’s Bright Sky App

Veronika Řídelová
Bright Sky Programme Manager

Three years ago, the Vodafone Czech Republic Foundation rolled out the Bright Sky App, a system that helps abuse victims to find a way out of their situation and show them that there is a solution. By launching this innovative tool, the Foundation has joined the “domestic violence stakeholders” in the 10-million country and has since become an important driving force to promote the topic among public and bringing together Police, NGOs, Ministries, and businesses.

Two years ago, Vodafone Czech Republic Foundation launched the Academy Against Domestic Violence, a free workshop for organisations across the country designed to inspire them to join us in the fight against domestic violence. We’re very proud that our activities have encouraged many businesses to start talking about this important topic to their employees and helping them.

None of this could have been possible without backing up from Vodafone. We’ve had immense support with our domestic violence initiative from our CEO Petr Dvorak.

What is the Bright Sky app?

Bright Sky is an innovative tool for people affected by abusive relationships that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what it’s possible to achieve with a mobile app. It’s available on any smartphone with iOS or Android, a helper in your pocket that means anyone looking for support or assistance does not leave traces of their search on a personal or work computer.

It’s not an SOS tool – in other words, it’s not to be used in a life-threatening situation for which we recommend contacting the police directly. Rather, it’s an informative ‘one-stop shop’ resource with all the information you need in one place to find support for an abusive relationship (no need for Google!). It can detect the signs of a potentially dangerous relationship (for yourself or others), offer advice about what to do about it, and generally teach people how to be safe online: not sharing location, safe passwords, not sharing accounts to social media and so on.

More broadly, it also makes people more aware of this phenomenon and attentive to DVA signs.

Violence can happen to anyone

Domestic violence can affect anyone: your doctor or your local shop assistant, young people or old people. Often people think it does not concern them, until they find out that their sister, colleague or friend is actually acting like someone else is controlling them.

Bright Sky is live in 11 countries and it’s in progress in a further 4. Our aim with Bright Sky and our other activity in this area is to educate the public and connect them to support when they need it the most. Most importantly, we want people to understand that there is no shame in being a victim of domestic abuse – it can happen to anyone.

Vodafone has become a leading force in this fight and we’re proud to be giving hope to people that they can start a happier and safer life. We’ve already had stories with happy endings and it is with great pride that I am continuing to lead and drive this impactful project.

For more information about how Vodafone Foundation are connecting people affected by abuse to information, advice and support, head to our website.