20th October 2023

One year as an apprentice – Discovering Opportunities, Growth and Adventures

Charlie Thomas
HR Apprentice

Reflecting on one year as an Apprentice: What I've learnt and how far I've come?

At Vodafone, I have embarked on an HR Degree Apprenticeship, an exciting journey that entails completing a business management degree alongside my work. Studying alongside working has provided me with invaluable opportunities to grow and contribute to the transformation and streamlining of Vodafone's recruitment process as part of the centre of expertise team.
a wealth of learning experiences and picked up various skills. One notable achievement was obtaining SAFe certification, which deepened my understanding of project management and empowered me to lead successful transformation projects. Additionally, my university modules have equipped me with foundational knowledge in numerous business areas from people management to finance, directly applicable to my day-to-day role. Leveraging Vodafone's Grow platform, I have further enhanced my skillset by completing modules on time management and creating impactful presentations. Moreover, I successfully completed a stretch project on data analysis, enabling me to effectively analyse large data sources and add value as a data analyst within my team. An unforgettable highlight was attending and assisting in coordinating the We Are Developers congress in Berlin, where I had the privilege of interacting with numerous candidates and colleagues, broadening my perspective of the tech world, and building global connections.

What lies ahead for me at Vodafone:

Surrounded by diverse opportunities and support, my apprenticeship experience at Vodafone has opened doors to various areas of the business. As I look toward the future, I remain open to exploring careers in project management, technology, employer branding, or marketing, eager to utilise my new skills and continue making a meaningful impact. Within the next year, I aspire to work on a significant project within the company, taking responsibilities that allow me to identify and further develop my strengths and weaknesses, all while building a robust portfolio to support my degree.

How Vodafone has supported me:

Since joining Vodafone, I have experienced unwavering support from my colleagues, mentors, and managers, who have stood by me from the moment of my induction to my one-year review. Their guidance and mentorship have been invaluable, providing reassurance and facilitating my growth. The youth team & committee at Vodafone have helped bridged the gap between education and the workplace, offering opportunities to interact with senior leaders and fostering team cohesion through engaging activities. It is with the unwavering support and backing of my team that I achieved my SAFe certification, a significant achievement that I never expected to have achieved by the end of my first year of my apprenticeship!

What next?

Vodafone has proven to be an exceptional environment for my personal and professional development as an Apprentice. Throughout my journey, I have been privileged to gain diverse skills and knowledge while being enveloped in a supportive network of colleagues and mentors. I’m excited to see where the next two years of my apprenticeship will take me!