Why I’m Fortunate to Work in One of the Best DevOps Environments Around

Challenging and exciting – those are the two words that come to mind straight away when I think about working at Vodafone. We’re a business that promises a lot to our customers, so there is an overall feeling of challenge with everything we do: we’re always on a mission to make their lives better. But […]

My Journey from Curious Kid to Vodafone Software Developer

Arber Ibra - Software Developer, Vodafone Albania

I’ve been fascinated by technology for as long as I can remember. I was an incredibly curious kid – there wasn’t a single toy I wouldn’t take apart to figure out how it worked. My parents weren’t fond of this hobby, but the destruction largely ended at age six, when I got my first computer. […]

The Future Of Innovation through Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Jindong Hour - Lead Research & Innovation Architect, Vodafone UK

I’ve been working in the telco industry ever since I got my degree from the University of Oxford 15 years ago. My longstanding interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and advanced analytics has led me to my current role as Vodafone’s Lead Research and Innovation Architect. My job is diverse and collaborative, which […]

Why Vodafone’s Expert Engineering Community is my Greatest Toolbox

Brian Burton - Principal Technology Architect & Vodafone Distinguished Engineer

I’ve worked for Vodafone for nearly two decades. That might sound like a long time to be in ‘one’ job, but in that time I’ve worked across two operating companies and had three distinct careers. I’m known for what we call “non-functional architecture”, which means I’m more interested in how something works than what it […]