The DOAT Project: How We’re Revolutionising Device Onboarding at Vodafone

A photo of Peter Lynch, Network Hardening Agile Delivery Manager at Vodafone

Our Vodafone Network teams across AMAP and EU countries are responsible for the security posture and management of over 27M devices (routers, firewalls, load balancers, proxies, switches, and VPN-concentrators). Assuring the compliance of our network devices against a set baseline had until recently been a mishmash of supplier-led configuration management systems (CMS), mega-sized spreadsheets and […]

Together against domestic violence: Vodafone Foundation’s Bright Sky App

A photo of Veronika Řídelová, Bright Sky Programme Manager at Vodafone.

Three years ago, the Vodafone Czech Republic Foundation rolled out the Bright Sky App, a system that helps abuse victims to find a way out of their situation and show them that there is a solution. By launching this innovative tool, the Foundation has joined the “domestic violence stakeholders” in the 10-million country and has […]

My journey through depression and coming out the other side

A photo of George Stone, Culture and Inclusion Specialist at Vodafone.

It is hard to pinpoint an exact time when my journey with depression began. I do, however, remember being bed-bound and sobbing on my 18th birthday. My family came in one by one asking, “What’s wrong?” and to this day, I still have no answer. I don’t know why I felt the way I did, […]

My journey from graduate to management at Vodafone

A photo of Patrick Smith, Associate Incident Manager at Vodafone.

I found the Vodafone Graduate scheme on an app targeted at technology graduates. I’d just come off my MSc in Computer Games from Essex Uni and honestly thought I’d never be accepted as I had zero work experience. To my surprise, I was so happy to get that email offering me a place at Vodafone […]

The Thrill of being a Software Engineer at Vodafone

A photo of Celia Herrera, a Software Developer at Vodafone.

At Vodafone, I work in the web development department, putting all of my attention on the My Vodafone app, specifically on the e-commerce aspects. In a nutshell, I create developments that allow the app user, the Vodafone customer, to view the full range of products that we create. This includes providing details on product features, […]

Why I’m Fortunate to Work in One of the Best DevOps Environments Around

Image of Ricardo Moreira

Challenging and exciting – those are the two words that come to mind straight away when I think about working at Vodafone. We’re a business that promises a lot to our customers, so there is an overall feeling of challenge with everything we do: we’re always on a mission to make their lives better. But […]

My Journey from Curious Kid to Vodafone Software Developer

Arber Ibra - Software Developer, Vodafone Albania

I’ve been fascinated by technology for as long as I can remember. I was an incredibly curious kid – there wasn’t a single toy I wouldn’t take apart to figure out how it worked. My parents weren’t fond of this hobby, but the destruction largely ended at age six, when I got my first computer. […]

The Future Of Innovation through Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Jindong Hour - Lead Research & Innovation Architect, Vodafone UK

I’ve been working in the telco industry ever since I got my degree from the University of Oxford 15 years ago. My longstanding interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and advanced analytics has led me to my current role as Vodafone’s Lead Research and Innovation Architect. My job is diverse and collaborative, which […]