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These are our benefits

We support you: everywhere. You will receive an attractive salary. We pay attention to your work-life balance, development, financial benefits, mobility and sustainability, health and fitness, safety and security. Plus, there are many other benefits on top. Curious? Then watch our video

These are our benefits

Discover our offers. And take a look at how you benefit.

Work-life balance

Full Flex Office

Regardless of whether from home, in the office or up to 20 days from abroad in the EU: work where you can do it best if your role allows. We have designed our offices accordingly. Plus, we offer up to €50 gross per month to make sure that you have the best connectivity at home.

Balancing work and family

We support you and your family in every situation. We have a generous parental leave scheme. And we actively help you with childcare (Vodafone KiTa in Düsseldorf) or when caring for relatives. If you can’t find an offer in your area, awo lifebalance is there to help you.

Job sharing models and part-time leadership

We support you with taking responsibility for yourself and the people who are important to you. That’s why we offer part-time work and job sharing, even for management positions.

Sabbatical and VacationPlus

Do you work full time? Then you have 30 days of recreational leave per year. Not enough? You can add up to 10 days of holiday plus. Sabbatical is also an option.

Further development

Learning platforms

You can educate yourself on topics that interest and advance you Thanks to our internal Vodafone platform: GROW. Here you will find our own training content along with additional offers from external providers.  Naturally, we also offer classroom training.

Spirit Days

Spirit Days are available once per quarter. That’s your day. Use the time without meetings for your upskilling and continuous learning.


Learning from external and internal trainers and speakers. Use our free coaching pool and get support for a specific topic.

Talent programme

Develop yourself throughout the company with our annual talent programme. We support talents on their individual career paths with special offers.

Leadership and feedback

You will receive forward-looking leadership development with us. We value mentoring and regular feedback.

Educational leave

Would you like to continue your education externally? Then take educational leave and advance your personal development.

Financial benefits

Employee discounts

You receive an employee discount of up to €90 every month on products from the German Vodafone Group companies. If you work at Vodafone Customer Care GmbH, you gain an employee discount of up to €40.

Family and friends’ discounts

Your family and friends also benefit from discounts on Vodafone tariffs and products.


Benefit from our partnerships with other companies.

Employees recruit employees

Do we have new colleagues thanks to you? Then we will thank you with a bonus.

Holiday & Christmas bonus, 13th month’s pay Salary

As an employee covered by collective agreements, you will receive holiday and Christmas bonuses or a 13th month’s salary, depending on the remuneration model.

Capital-forming benefits

As an employee covered by the collective agreement, you will receive 26.59 euros as an employer contribution to capital-forming benefits from the seventh month of employment onward (or proportionally in the case of part-time employment).

Mobility and sustainability

Company ticket

We subsidise your job ticket, depending on where you work.

Bicycles and cars

Take advantage of our bike and car leasing in exchange for a salary waiver. In some roles you also receive a company car with private use included.


Use a Fairphone as a work phone. Then you receive tips and tricks for an environmentally conscious everyday life thanks to our Mission Green.

Health and fitness


We offer you ergonomic equipment at work and at home.

Exercise and sports activities

Keep fit with our attractive fitness packages from Gympass. These are also available for up to two family members. Plus, you can use our online courses and our fitness studio at the Düsseldorf campus.

Medical Center

Our Medical Centre at the Düsseldorf Campus will look after you. Our company medical centre offers you consultation hours, flu vaccinations, eye and hearing tests as well as annual check-ups and other services. We have cooperation agreements with company physicians at most of the other locations.


Benefit from subsidised food at locations with a company canteen, including vegetarian and vegan options. Is there no canteen at your location or do you work shifts? Then you receive a meal allowance, in some areas digitally via LunchIt.

Mental health

We support your mental health with seminars on stress and health management and sharing and discussion opportunities in internal networks, for example. These include the Fathers’ Network, Women4Women and the LGBT+ Network.

Occupational disability

Occupational disability

Can you no longer do your job? Then you will receive employer-financed coverage against occupational disability amounting to 25% of your last salary as a monthly pension payment.

Pension plans

You receive a company pension with the Vodafone PensionsPlan.

Private insurance

You can take out private insurance at company rates.

Accident insurance

You automatically have employer-financed accident insurance. This ensures that you receive worldwide private and professional insurance coverage.