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Personal development is important to us

We place a lot of value in development. Our HR Manager Felicitas von Kyaw says: “Our world is constantly changing. And everyone develops along with it. We need to keep ourselves fit for the future. And that starts today. I want us all to see this as the best reason for lifelong learning.” We offer you many opportunities to learn. Such as with our global learning, skills and recruiting ecosystem: Grow with Vodafone. This motivates us to learn independently and advances our development.

Grow with Vodafone

The global learning, skills and recruiting ecosystem is changing the way we learn and develop. Because Grow with Vodafone grows with us and adapts. The AI-based system provides personalised learning and development recommendations. How? By analysing our skill profile, our interest in the learning areas and future roles.

Spirit Day

Learning is highly important to us. That’s why we offer you a Spirit Day once per quarter. The rule here is: no meetings! The day is available to everyone for individual development, networking and their own well-being. Whether jogging with a podcast on your ears, completing your compulsory workouts or listening to an exciting keynote presentation: There is no limit to our creativity.

Talent Management

As a talent, you are in control. Shape your career with us the way you want it. Would you like to develop professionally, lead projects or become a manager? We offer a wide range of keynotes presentations, trainings and reflections. Use this to create your unique learning experience.

Leadership Development

We live a global leadership framework and curriculum. This means that We offer international training programs. These are: Leading Myself, Leading Others, Leading the Organisation and thematic accelerator options.

Coaching und Mentoring

We encourage systemic business coaching and mentoring. How? We have an internal coaching and mentoring pool. Here, we learn from experienced, certified coaches and mentors.

This is how we learn

We offer a variety of learning opportunities: live in the classroom, virtually, remotely via recordings, through podcasts and videos. You control your development. Our Brown Bag Session is a special format. These are internal learning impulses from colleagues for colleagues. These let us break down barriers and look beyond the boundaries of our own departments.

Learn from our colleagues how we use our Spirit Days.

How we use our Spirit Days.

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Career paths at Vodafone

Advance your career with us. Use your diverse opportunities on your own responsibility. And face the challenges of tomorrow. Are you ready to get started? We will support you.

Your career

Make a career with us. Regardless of whether you want to take on a specialist role or management responsibility within your own department or on an interdisciplinary basis: Our careers are diverse. Just like us.

Vodafone worldwide

Discover an international career environment. From Greece to Egypt, from India to Ireland: We work together all over the world. Enabling us to achieve the best solutions and results together. Our Vodafone Spirit means we also have a strong virtual connection to our international colleagues.

Job Sharing

Two colleagues. One role. Combined skills. Shared responsibility. What is this? Job sharing. This is a fantastic opportunity to take on responsible roles in pairs and on a part-time basis. Vodafone currently has two examples of job sharing. Find out more here.