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Diversity is in our DNA

Diversity is an integral part of our corporate DNA. Because innovation arises where we open ourselves to new impressions. Diversity is an important success factor for our company. This means age, gender, sexual identity, religion, ethnic origin and disabilities. The goal of our diversity strategy: to create an inclusive corporate culture where we respect and value everyone. With us, you can be who you are.

We are part of the Success Factor Family initiative of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Diversity is part of our corporate culture. It is something we respect and value. We confirmed this as early as 2007 when we signed the Diversity Charter.

The five dimensions of diversity

Equal opportunities for everyone

Our success is based on the fair share approach. This means that we focus on equal opportunity when filling our positions and when it comes to pay.

Every age counts

Up to 4 generations are currently working together at Vodafone. We see this diversity as an opportunity. Cooperation is more successful when we all consciously support it.

Be yourself

We are open and appreciate each other. We are convinced that people can only achieve their full potential if they do not disguise their personality.

We live and love diversity

Different cultures and social backgrounds broaden our horizons. A working environment without prejudice is the only path to success.

Working without barriers

Enabling colleagues with disabilities can work without barriers is an integral part of who we are. Hand-in-hand with that, we always offer help.

How we promote diversity

Our spirit

No matter where we work: We are a team. With us, you can be who you are.

Inform and raise awareness

Our workshops and guidelines inform and educate. This means that we are constantly learning and exchanging ideas. The BrownBag sessions are just one example. Plus, we encourage the support of people from socially oppressed groups. The key word here is allyship.


We demonstrate our attitude: You can see us at CSDs, for example. We set ourselves targets for female share and ethnic diversity. We address everyone with gender-sensitive language. And: we obtain feedback through regular staff surveys.

How we combine work and private life

A diverse culture enables people to combine their lives and individual roles with work in the best possible way.


Job sharing, VacationPlus, part-time and block time: We offer you an attractive mix that best fits your lifestyle. With Full Flex Office, you are free to decide where you want to work: at home, in a café, at the office or even up to 20 days per year from abroad in the EU.


Our life balance advises and supports you with every aspect of care, support and provision. In addition, we provide opportunities for time off work, respite services as well as a carers’ network.

Our networks are part of our culture


Rainbow@Vodafone welcomes all people from the community and their allies. The network supports the company with LGBTQ+ sensitive issues. It organises events and serves as the contact point for those in the community and those interested.

Women’s networks

Our women’s networks provide a good platform for exchange, mentoring and mutual support. Supporters of #HeForShe are welcome.


The Fathers@Vodafone stand for the modern family image. They advocate the reconciliation of work and family life from the perspective of fathers. The Germany-wide network Conpadres provide support with lectures, guides, exchange and newsletters.

The Intercultural Network

The aim of the network: To encourage intercultural exchange through interesting events and workshops, enabling people to get to know each other better. The Intercultural Network supports and provides a safe space for international staff.

Equal Pay Award

Stopping unequal pay before it happens. Vodafone was awarded the “German Equal Pay Award” by the Federal Minister for Equal Opportunities, Lisa Paus for this initiative. The award recognises Vodafone’s long-standing commitment to combating the gender pay gap. The focus is on an automated mechanism which ensures that equal pay is directly factored into every hiring or salary progression, proactively preventing pay gaps.

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