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The Vodafone Spirit

Together we can. Together, we will create a better future. We network the world. Making it more inclusive and sustainable. We are constantly working towards this. Do you want to, as well? Do you want to grow? Do you really want to make a difference? Then join our team. We live the Vodafone spirit. And these are our principles: Earn customer loyalty, create the future, experiment, learn fast, get it done together.

Earn customer loyalty

We earn our customers’ trust. How? By offering an outstanding customer experience. We make things as easy as possible for our customers with simple products, the best network and top services. We give them what they want and need, every single day.

Create the future

We always ask ourselves: What if? Because this is the only way to develop fascinating products and services. We demonstrate courage for a better future. That is why we are always present in convincing when it comes to technology, networks, connectivity, platforms and service. This is exactly what makes us unique.

We are Europe’s largest mobile and broadband provider. We stand for an inclusive and sustainable digital society. We want to make the lives of a billion people better. At the same time, we will halve our environmental impact by 2025. Our curiosity about innovation creates the future.

Experiment, learn fast

We try things out. We measure our success. We keep the best. And we learn from the rest. This is the only way to be fast. This is the only way we grow.

In a 5G world, Internet of Things has become the biggest platform. It connects everyone and everything with each other. IoT provides benefits for:

  • Smart cities
  • Health sector
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Environment

We experiment and develop new technologies. Digital first is our thing.

Get it done together

We make the best of our talents. We transfer and take responsibility. We trust each other. No matter where we work at Vodafone: We are a team. With us, everyone belongs.

We develop our culture together

Our culture is alive and we actively shaping it. Everyone participates, just like our motto says: Together we can. Spirit Beat and Spirit Days help us to do this.