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We are ready for the future

Full flexibility: We decide where we work. Regardless of whether from home, in the office or up to 20 days from abroad in the EU.

We believe in hybrid work: Full flexibility enables a seamless transition between the office and the mobile office at any time. Both are of equal value to us. We work where we can do our jobs best. We are not guided by fixed percentage figures for attendance. Nevertheless, personal exchange is important for our culture and our Vodafone Spirit. That’s why we support presence on site when it helps our issues and us as a team.

This is Full Flex Office

Discover our Full Flex Office. And learn how we live hybrid working.

The benefits of Full Flex Office

Who can use it?

The offer is available to all employees at Vodafone Germany with a few exceptions such as branch employees.

From anywhere

We work where we can do our jobs best. Up to 20 days per year in other EU countries is possible.

Full flexibility

We don’t need a percentage for home office. A simple informal agreement with the team and your manager is enough.

Decide spontaneously

You can decide from week to week whether you work more from home or at the office.

Simple and unbureaucratic

Choose where you work without having to apply. Your contractual place of employment remains the same.

Excellent equipment

We provide you with an office chair, monitor, etc. for your home office along with the right software.


You receive accident insurance for your home office: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and worldwide.

Well connected

We pay for your home office internet connection.

Fit and healthy

Take advantage of our mental health programme and subsidised fitness packages from Gympass. These are also available for up to two family members.

What our colleagues say

We have asked our colleagues: How do you live Full Flex? Listen and enjoy!