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Business administration with focus on trade

Are you interested in management and trade? And would you like to complete a practical course of study? Then do a dual study program with us - in partnership with ADG Business School. You can find all the information about your course of study here.

Bring our customers and society into a digital, inclusive, and sustainable future.

Your dual study programme at a glance

Where?         At Vodafone and at the ADG Business School

How long?     7 semesters

How?        You spend 2x4 days per semester at the ADG and have one self-study day per week with us

Start?       1. May and 1 November

Degree?   Bachelor of Arts (BA) with 180 ECTS points

Your practice phase

  • Start in our sales area
  • Get to know our small office and home office business
  • Get an overview of our diverse customer solutions
  • Discover different sales areas and their teams and expand your network in the process
  • Your area of responsibility grows with your study progress

What do you earn?

  1. Academic year: €1,217 per Month
  2. Academic year: €1,329 per Month
  3. From the third year of study: €1,436 per Month

You will receive 90 € for your private cell phone and Internet contracts - and subsidies for travel expenses, teaching materials and meals. We cover your tuition fees

Deine weiteren Benefits bei uns

Full Flex Office
Work as flexibly as you like! At the office or from home? You decide. Every day and as flexible as you need it. 20 days per year abroad in the EU are even included.

Laptop & home office equipment
You receive a mobile phone, laptop along with a complete set of equipment for your home office including internet, a desk chair, monitor, headphones, etc.

Stay abroad
Join a project at one of our international locations.

Vodafone Spirit
Sneakers instead of leather shoes. Cooperation on an even footing instead of a hierarchical mentality. That is our spirit – curious, passionate and trustworthy.

What sets you apart

  • You have a good (technical) university entrance qualification - or a completed apprenticeship and 3 years of work experience
  • You are motivated
  • You have good communication skills
  • You are very independent
  • You have a quick perception
  • You work conscientiously and are people-oriented
  • You are organized
  • You are creative
  • You have team spirit
  • You are interested in the IT and telecommunications industry
  • You love technical products
  • Severely disabled applicants will be given special consideration if they are equally qualified.

Severely disabled applicants will be given preferential consideration where equally suitable.

This is how your journey continues

  • After your studies you are guaranteed a job with us
  • You want to continue your studies? Then do the part-time Master with us.

How to apply

We do everything digitally. Click on the job that interests you and apply directly to us.

Collect all the necessary documents

The job description tells us what we need from you. Then you put it all together in one document.

Upload everything in one document

You only need to upload one document for us. Allowed file formats are: DOCX, PDF, image and text formats.

We support you

We are a MINT Minded Company. This means that we are especially dedicated to promoting STEM talent. We get young people excited about the STEM subjects: mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology.

Did you drop out of university?

You’ve come to the right place. Because we don’t see breaking off your studies as an obstacle, but as an opportunity. We will help you find the right start for you.