11th April 2024

Inside our People Networks – Meet our UKGEN Steerco


Our People Networks are ran by our people for our people, creating a safe place where anyone can discuss their challenges, ideas and thoughts without judgement or criticism.

We're spotlighting some of the brilliant people who commit their time to supporting these networks.. Meet the UKGEN Steerco 👋

Kamala MacKinnon (she/her)
Senior Government Affairs Manager & Interim Co-Chair UKGEN

I’m delighted to have joined the steerco as Interim Co-Chair this year, alongside Natalie-Levi Davidson. I’m passionate about gender equality and really proud to work for a company as supportive as Vodafone. There are so many ways to be an ally, but one simple thing to do is help amplify people whose voices aren’t always heard. This could be done by sharing their work, giving credit for their contributions or amplifying their views in discussions.

Craig Kirkham (he/him)
Lead Go-to-Market Manager & Committee Member UKGEN

I joined UKGEN as a male advocate to actively contribute to fostering gender equality and inclusivity. Recognising the importance of male engagement in advancing these goals, I aim to promote understanding, collaboration, and support. By participating, I hope to be a catalyst for positive change, encouraging more men to actively champion gender diversity and work together towards a more inclusive future together. My ask for allyship, is to be open and think how we can truly support each other by actively getting involved and driving deeper diverse mindset.

Hannah Percival (she/her)
Employer Brand and Attraction Specialist & Comms Lead UKGEN

I’ve been at Vodafone for nearly 4 years, currently working in the Employer Brand and Attraction Team and it’s been such a great experience being part of the network since I’ve started. I joined the network to be part of a community that supports our people and bringing important topics of conversation to the forefront, to ultimately support in making Vodafone a great place to work. My top tip for allyship; be open to learning  - encourage your colleagues to join events or try new learning modules, any contribution to educating yourself will make a huge difference.

Natalie-Levi Davidson (she/her)
Operations Manager & Interim Co-Chair UKGEN

I’ve worked at Vodafone for 8 years and worked through the ranks from a Frontline Advisor to Operations Manager in Business Care, and I would love to be able to inspire others to do the same by empowering them to aim high in their careers. Driving impactful change within Vodafone by sharing ideas, stories, and celebrating success is key and I am really excited to join the Steerco as Interim Co-Chair alongside Kamala. One of the many ways to be an ally in gender equality is to actively engage in dismantling barriers and ensuring that we continuously take steps to create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Chloe Parfitt (she/her)
Communications Manager & Deputy Chair UKGEN

Championing diversity, equity, and inclusion is a core value of mine, and for the past two years, I've had the privilege of serving as Deputy Chair of our UK Gender Equality Network, actively driving initiatives that foster a more inclusive environment. I’m proud of Vodafone’s commitment to amplifying women's voices, both internally and externally, and to work for an organisation where purpose is not just stated, but actively pursued.  When it comes to allyship, I particularly like the phrase 'Allyship is a verb, not a noun,' as it highlights the importance of taking consistent action to create a more inclusive and equitable society.

Mariam Bakre (she/her)
Go-to-Market Specialist & Brand Lead UKGEN

My Vodafone journey began nearly 5 years ago, and I currently work within the Go-to-Market team. I'm an advocate for diversity, inclusivity as well as empowerment for disadvantaged groups. Joining the network has given me the opportunity to carry on my advocacy in the workplace too, and it's been great reshaping the brand of the network. When it comes to allyship, leave all pre-conceived notions at the door. Come with an open heart and mind. Be ready to learn and, unlearn. Ignorance isn't necessarily the problem, it's inevitable, but recognise that you do have the power to change that by choosing to escape the ignorance and encouraging others to do the same.

UKGEN Steerco
Sarah Hardwick (she/her)
Business Manager & Network Alignment Committee Member UKGEN

I have worked for Vodafone for the last 10 years and my current role is as Business Manager to the UK Legal Director.  As a result of this role, I have had the opportunity to become involved in various networks across Vodafone and love supporting where I can.  As a mother of two young girls, I want to be a role model for them and when it comes to gender equality show them that they can be whoever and whatever they want to be. For me the key to allyship is being prepared to talk and open the conversation up with people around you so you can understand how to be a better ally.

Laura Barnes (she/her)
Product Owner & Committee Member Events UKGEN

I've been at Vodafone for 12 years now, I've worked in a variety of operational roles and my current role is as a Product Owner. After a challenging return from maternity leave in 2022, I joined the UKGEN network to be a part of driving change when it comes to gender equality, striving to create a workplace where we all feel we belong & can bring our true authentic selves to work. As one of the few committee members "up north" I'm keen for the network to do more virtual and Stoke based events, so watch this space! When it comes to allyship, my advice would be to not make assumptions - ask the questions and actively listen to better educate yourself.

Antreev Bhopal (she/her)
HR Business Partner & Committee Member UKGEN

I joined UKGEN to be part of a network where the opportunities to foster change are endless. I feel privileged to be on a journey with a wonderful group of people in the network, who are all passionate about gender equality and committed to driving positive change. My top tip for allyship: educate yourself, be open to learning, be curious, be prepared to ask questions and be active in making a difference. I would sum up my beliefs through the famous quote – ‘We are greater than, and greater for, the sum of us.’  I truly believe we all have a part to play when it comes to allyship.

Hannah Northam (she/her)
HR Specialist & Committee Member UKGEN

I am currently on the HR Graduate Scheme and joined the Steerco 6 months ago as I have a real interest in Diversity & Inclusion. I am really looking forward to being part of a network that supports change, discusses impactful topics and makes a difference. As part of the Steerco, I volunteered to support the Allyship event coming up this year and am really looking forward to supporting and spreading the importance of allyship. I think the key to allyship is being open, supportive, and having open discussions.

Alice Battle (she/her)
Client Sales Specialist & Committee Member Comms UKGEN

I’ve worked at Vodafone for nearly 3 years as an Account Manager, supporting Vodafone Business’ Enterprise Customers. I joined the steerco around 6 months ago to be a part of the conversation regarding how we best support gender diversity at Vodafone and work within a network of individuals that shape this important work. My top tip for allyship is seeking out opportunities to learn, by attending network events or webinars, asking questions and speaking up when appropriate, which creates space and understanding for individuals' different experiences.

Martine Burns (she/her)
Senior Counsel & Committee Member UKGEN

I’ve been with Vodafone too many years to seem possible (!) but for the last two years, I’ve been in been in the UK Deals Team with Legal. I’ve seen how the workplace has changed for the better over the years with much more recognition of how effectiveness in role, career progression and indeed mental health are affected by gender-based issues. But I am very aware that there is much more that can be done. Being part of this steerco allows me to promote and influence at a global level while always being an ally on the ground in any way I can, whether it be countering inappropriate behaviour or supporting at the right time.

We're committed to creating a workplace where everyone can belong.