22nd August 2023

Career Stories | Meet Apprentice Alumni, Abdul

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Abdulwahab (Abdul) Lasoye
National Account Manager

My time pre-Vodafone

I joined Vodafone on the Apprenticeship Scheme shortly after finishing my A Levels at sixth form. I decided to pursue an apprenticeship as I wanted to start my professional career early, whilst continuing to further my education.

Joining the Apprenticeship Programme

I joined the Vodafone Carrier Services team as a Sales Apprentice in London. As a sales apprentice, I was the first point of contact for a number of Vodafone’s largest wholesale customers, responsible for maintaining a good relationship with clients, and working with them to achieve their goals.

My Next Steps and Current Role

Since joining Vodafone 5 years ago, I have successfully completed a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Technical Sales and I am currently studying for a BSc in Business-to-Business Sales. I have really enjoyed my time at Vodafone, and I feel that working and studying simultaneously has allowed me to develop faster and gain promotions quicker than if I had followed the more traditional path of going to uni.

Today, I am a National Account Manager in Vodafone Business, supporting Vodafone's multinational manufacturing, logistics and energy corporations in the UK.

My Top Tip

As a young person starting your career, going from classroom to meeting room can be a big change, so I would say don’t be scared to ask questions. No question is a silly question, so don’t be scared to ask if you don’t understand any jargon…

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Apprenticeship Opportunities

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