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Our Global Short Term Incentive Plan (GSTIP) is a discretionary cash bonus plan designed to drive exceptional performance across Vodafone and recognise and reward individual impact during the year. You can find out more by watching this short video.

The bonus calculation operates by multiplying the following:

Your base salary

As calculated on 31 March 2024.

Your target bonus

Set out as a percentage of your salary and based on your band and local market.

Business performance multiplier

Calculated based on a Business Performance range of 0-200% which is applied to your target bonus percentage.

Individual impact

Potential for 10% or 25% uplift or reduction depending on your Impact Rating.

The details

The GSTIP is an annual discretionary plan which is paid in cash after the end of the performance period.

Financial year

The performance year for the GSTIP follows our financial year which runs from 1 April to 31 March each year.


To be eligible for a bonus payout you must have joined Vodafone on or before 1 March of the performance year and meet the eligibility rules specified in the Bonus procedure.

Minimum Performance Standards

To receive a bonus you must meet minimum performance standards which are: Complete assigned 'mandatory training' which for most is the Doing What’s Right compliance training by end March each year and Do not receive a formal (written) disciplinary action ('final written warning') within the financial year.


You will receive your bonus payout in June following the end of the performance year.

Business performance

The Employer will, at its discretion, determine in the Bonus Decision the percentage of fulfillment of the company goals of each company within the Vodafone Group Plc. The business multiplier will be between 0% and 200%. The multiplier will be determined based on both financial and strategic measures underpinning our key priorities of Growth and Customers.

You can view the weighting of these measures for the Group portion of the multiplier here. For Czech, the weighting is as follows:

Growth (70%)

Adjusted Service Revenue


Adjusted EBIT


Adjusted Free Cash Flow


Revenue Market Share


Customers (30%)