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Dividend equivalents

Between grant and vest your award will earn dividend equivalents as though you held the shares. This means that when your shares vest you’ll get extra shares equal to the value of any dividends that you would have received as a shareholder.

Dividend payments

All dividend payments will be paid directly into your bank account. Your dividends will be paid in the same currency as your bank account. You must therefore keep your bank details up to date in EquatePlus. You do this in the Financial details section, which you find by clicking on your name at the top right of the screen.

Where necessary you will need to report these dividends on your tax return. You can find a copy of your dividend statements under the Documents section of the Library tab.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

A DRIP allows you to use your cash dividends to purchase Vodafone shares instead of receiving the dividends as cash. If you would like to reinvest your dividends to purchase Vodafone shares you simply need to complete the Dividend Reinvestment Election on EquatePlus, located under the Key Info and Tasks section.

ADR holders (US)

If your award was made in the US, you were given American depositary receipts (ADRs) instead of shares. Your award still works in the same way as those made in shares, but your statement in EquatePlus will show ADRs.


Click the Tax Guide button below and select your country to find out more about your tax obligations. These summaries are designed to provide you with an overview of the tax position in each country. They assume that you are a tax resident in the selected country for the entire vesting period and that you are not resident in any other location.

You should speak to your tax adviser to understand your own tax position.

Tax guide

Country specific information


Computershare administer our global share plans. They provide MyShareBank and the EquatePlus website where you can manage your share plans online.

Transferring to another entity

If you transfer to another Vodafone entity your GLTR / GLTIR awards will continue to vest as normal, as long as you remain employed.


When you leave Vodafone you won’t be able to continue participating in our Share Plans.

Updating your details

Still need help?

If you need any help in accessing your account or selling or transferring your shares, you can contact the Computershare call centre using these numbers.

Calling fromFreephone numbers
International+800 40 20 00 00
Czech Republic800 143 215
Egypt (landline only)0800 0000 198
India000 800 320 0001
Italy800 872 845
Netherlands0800 0229684
UK0800 206 11 88
USA+1 866 512 1023
Switzerland (chargeable)+41 844 00 44 88

If you can’t get through to Computershare using the freephone numbers, try the direct dial number: +41 844 00 44 88

Country Coordinator Contact
Albania Rovena Tafcui rovena.tafciu2@vodafone.com
Australia Brendan Vanderheiden Brendan.VanderHeiden@vodafone.com.au
Belgium Share Plans shareplans@vodafone.com
Canada Greg Fisher gregory.fisher@vodafone.com
China Share Plans shareplans@vodafone.com
Cyprus Ezgi Onal Ezgi.Onal@vodafone.com
Cyprus Derya Simsek derya.simsek@vodafone.com
Cyprus Yurdanur Demir Yurdanur.Demir@vodafone.com
Czech Republic Radka Motlova radka.motlova@vodafone.com
Egypt Marwa Hamza marwa.hamza@vodafone.com
Egypt Mohamed Abd El Baky Mohamed.AbdElBaky@vodafone.com
Egypt Omnia Elgaiar omnia.elgaiar@vodafone.com
Egypt Salma Hussein salma.hussein@vodafone.com
Egypt VSSE Ranim Yasser-Hosny ranim.yasser-hosny@vodafone.com
Egypt VSSE Saed Kamel-Ibrahim saed.kamel-ibrahim@vodafone.com
Germany OpCo HR FU-askhr.de@vodafone.com
Germany VGSG HR AskHRGroup.Germany@vodafone.com
Ghana Maxwell Darko maxwell.darko1@vodafone.com
Greece Eva Kapou eva.kapou@vodafone.com
Greece Stela Vakiani stela.vakiani@vodafone.com
Greece Katerina Konstantinou katerina.konstantinou@vodafone.com
Hong Kong Share Plans shareplans@vodafone.com
Hungary Kinga Kover-kormos kinga.koverkormos@vodafone.com
Hungary VSSB Istvan Farago istvan.farago1@vodafone.com
Hungary VSSB Katalin Benyes-eros katalin.benyeseros@vodafone.com
India - VISPL Harsh Sinha harshwardhan.sinha@vodafone.com
India - VISPL Siddharth Silawat siddharth.silawat@vodafone.com
India Essar Shreedhar Koparkar shreedhar.koparkar@vodafoneidea.com
Ireland Lindsay Smith lindsay.smith1@vodafone.com
Ireland Ariadna Crespo ariadna.crespo@vodafone.com
Ireland Adriano Reale adriano.reale@vodafone.com
Italy HR Services AskHRItaly@vodafone.com
Japan Share Plans shareplans@vodafone.com
Kenya Sylvia Chege sylviachege@safaricom.co.ke
Kenya Peter Waithaka Kihara pkihara@safaricom.co.ke
Luxembourg Share Plans shareplans@vodafone.com
Mexico Greg Fisher gregory.fisher@vodafone.com
Netherlands Fedoua Elbouziri fedoua.elbouziri@vodafoneziggo.com
Netherlands Marielle Verwey marielle.verwey@vodafoneziggo.com
Portugal Isabel Silva isabel.silva@vodafone.com
Portugal Joana Pacheco joana.pacheco1@vodafone.com
Qatar Oana Fodorean oana.fodorean@vodafone.com
Qatar Maryrose Junsay mary-rose.de-joya@vodafone.com
Romania Emilia Mihu emilia.mihu@vodafone.com
Romania Bogdan Dumitrache bogdan.dumitrache1@vodafone.com
Romania SSC Ana Soghior ana.soghior@vodafone.com
Romania SSC Istvan Farago istvan.farago1@vodafone.com
Singapore Share Plans shareplans@vodafone.com
South Africa Bonita Schnetler bonita.schnetler@vodacom.co.za
South Africa Pumi Mpengula Pumi.Mpengula@vodacom.co.za
Spain Alfredo Aragon alfredo.aragon@vodafone.com
Turkey Ezgi Onal Ezgi.Onal@vodafone.com
Turkey Derya Simsek derya.simsek@vodafone.com
Turkey Yurdanur Demir Yurdanur.Demir@vodafone.com
UK The Benefits team askhruk@vodafone.com
UK Group The Benefits team askhrgroupuk@vodafone.com
USA Greg Fisher gregory.fisher@vodafone.com