In 2007, Vodafone Shared Services center started operating in Hungary as part of Vodafone Group.

Now, Vodafone Shared Services Europe operates from two countries, Hungary and Romania, with almost 3500 employees who come from diverse backgrounds and work together to support Vodafone customers around the world.

Budapest center is now a hub for Financial, Enterprise, HR & Resourcing and Business Intelligence services supporting 29 countries and offering solutions to more than 150 Enterprise customers.

Have a sneak peek at our office; it was nominated among the best 5 offices for its great interior design.

Bucharest center started operating in 2014, and now it serves as a center of excellence in Technology, Customer Service, Fraud & Security and Finance services. Using state-of-the-art technology, we offer hi-tech solutions to Vodafone customers in 6 European markets.

We work in an environment where technology and digital assets surround us in every step of our work and enables us to be on top of our game anywhere, anytime. We always work for the same goals; to provide the best experience to our customers

Join VSS Europe and enter a world of opportunities.