Webchat Advisor German - VIS

  1. Full Time
  2. Contact Center
Posting date:06 Dec, 2012

Role Purpose:

The position of the German Chat Advisors is responsible for communicating with existing and potential Vodafone customers via on-line internet conversations. The Chat Advisors will offer exceptional customer service by Answering online chats from customers, quickly assessing their needs and proactively providing solutions.


Key Accountabilities:

1) Customers and potential Vodafone customers who surf the Vodafone Homepage, should have the option to be guided to the needed information via the Chat Service. The Chat Customer Service Advisor's function in this part is as an "Online Navigations Aid" who will lead the Chat-Partner to the desired information on the Homepage. This should sustainably increase the self-service rate.

2) Should the Chat result in a specific customer query that requires the Customer ID and a further search in the system, then this too is processed by the Chat Customer Service Advisor.

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James "Vodafone changed my life"