System Admin: VAS & Call Center Apps

Dar Es Salaam
  1. Full Time
  2. IT/Technology
Posting date:09 Jul, 2018

Role purpose:

             Manage systems capacity & performance of VAS & Call Center Systems.

             Manage data for Call Center Applications.

             Ensure systems and applications security.

             Manage the systems/applications configuration.

             Manage systems problems, Incidents and requests as per the SLA.

             Assist in acquiring and maintain technology Infrastructure for VAS & Call Center Applications.

             Manage systems/applications changes

             Manage Projects related to the Middleware applications, interfaces and Database

             Provide assistance in managing the following VAS applications whenever required: USSDII,WAP

Key accountabilities & REsponsibilities

  • Responsible & Accountable for the Data Value Added applications Monitoring, Backup & Restore, Traffic analysis and Control for optimal service standards provisions

  • Gateway, Bulk Messaging Gateway, Call Center and Middleware, Device Offer,MyVodacom app,Corporate Website and Smart Notification applications
  • Responsible for Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery Planning of all systems under his/her watch.
  • Call Center applications Management, Administration, Integration, Delivery and Support.
  • Accountable for security of VAS & Call Center applications in line with VTL standards, policies, procedures and industry best practices
  • VAS and Call Center Systems Acquisition

  • Assist in acquiring and maintaining application software.

  • Assist in acquiring and maintaining Technology Infrastructure.

  • Setting and maintaining IT & Billing policies and procedures.

  • Installation of applications on VAS & Call Center Applications servers.

  • 5.  Manage changes to the systems or applications via change management process.     

  • VAS  and Call Center System Management

  • Manage performance of VAS and Call Center Applications.

  • Ensure continuous service with high availability and minimum disruption

  • Ensure security of VAS and Call Center applications by safeguarding against unauthorized access of VAS applications and systems

  • Manage VAS applications configurations

  • Manage VAS applications problems and incidents including performing corrective action and/or escalating to suppliers.

  • Provide first line support to VTL customer care team in resolving problems experienced by VTL clients during their interaction with VAS applications.

  • Manage data processed by VAS applications including ensuring data integrity, confidentiality, availability and security.

  • DVAS System Operations

  • Administration of all VAS applications users.

  • Installation, Configuration, fine tuning, and optimization of VAS systems software and applications.

  • Automation of routine task through scripting and intelligent system design. Vet all performance reports for all applications to confirm if they operate up to standard.            

  • DVAS System Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Monitor and evaluate on regular basis the performance of all VAS applications.

  • Monitor and evaluate on regular basis service level agreements with third party vendors

  • Monitor and evaluate on regular basis the internal SLA performance of  VAS Applications.

  • Self-Development

  • Maintain PDP

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    James "Vodafone changed my life"