Regulatory Compliance Officer

Vodapark Head Office, Kinshasa
  1. Full Time
  2. Legal/Regulatory
Posting date:30 Jan, 2019

Responsible for providing support in developing, implementing, and maintaining Anti-Money Laundering and other compliance program requirements. Responsible for supporting adherence to Vodafone risk management practices including policies, procedures, and practices. Specific responsibilities include leading bank exams, initiating remediation activities, providing comprehensive Board reporting and performing complex enhanced due diligence reviews. Position entails a high degree of sensitivity to and knowledge of Anti-Money Laundering regulatory compliance and reputational risk, particularly with respect to risk arising out of non-compliance with extensive and complex regulations.
Essential Duties
Conduct job tasks in compliance with operating procedures and standards for the Vodafone Anti-Money Laundering Program. Provides expert guidance to m-pesa personnel in the management of the Anti-Money Laundering compliance program.
Provide enhanced due diligence reviews of high risk customers and ensure procedures are being followed properly including internal control processes for these accounts. Communicates exceptions and tracks that corrective actions are taken for any identified procedural weaknesses in an effort to preclude policy violations.
Participate and lead remediation efforts for identified Anti-Money Laundering and other compliance issues. Participate in the development of indicators to measure compliance performance and provide key highlights trends, risks and opportunities for improvement.
Remain knowledgeable of industry best practices, laws, regulations, and risk management disciplines to enhance the Vodafone Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program. Applies knowledge of regulatory guidelines and industry best practices in making recommendations to mitigate risk.
Support the performance of complex the Banking and Anti-Money Laundering Acts, for Vodafone and its subsidiaries. Must objectively assess the Banking Act and Central Bank regulations, Anti-Money Laundering risk, understand the effectiveness of controls, articulate risk mitigation efforts, and conclude with a residual risk rating. These assessments are performed to identify compliance gaps, provide value-added compliance services with the objective of improving operations, compliance with laws, regulations and organizational policies, risk management, and the overall system of internal controls related to Anti-Money Laundering regulatory adherence.
Review, monitor and track corrective actions of deficiencies noted in reports of examination, internal audit reports, and self-identified issues from Anti-Money Laundering risk assessments and quality assurance monitoring. Support the effective reporting of open deficiencies to be utilized by senior management in executing compliance program requirements.
Support other compliance activities by serving as a liaison for activities including privacy, complaints, and such other areas that may be assigned.
Provide general regulatory compliance support including service as the complaints liaison, privacy liaison, and exam manager for all regulatory exams. Support all corporate audit reviews involving the Banking Act or compliance.
Establish and maintain relationships with internal audit and regulatory agencies. Assist with the design and development of business solutions that result in remediation of any compliance or Anti-Money Laundering related findings or recommendations. Makes necessary preparations for audits or examinations. Analyze large quantities of information, identifying trends while establishing appropriate metrics to determine changing risk elements. Reacts to rising risk exposure by recommending appropriate controls and creating a culture of continuous process improvement. Establish and maintain a high degree of knowledge of banking rules and regulations that are applicable to compliance with the Banking Act, Anti-Money Laundering, and Anti-Financing of Terrorism.

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